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Introduce about ZEDGEAre you looking to customize your device's wallpaper and ringtone, but the customization options offered do not fit your needs? Allow Z...
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Introduce about ZEDGE

Are you looking to customize your device’s wallpaper and ringtone, but the customization options offered do not fit your needs? Allow ZEDGE to be used. This customized application will assist you in performing the aforementioned duties efficiently and effectively.

ZEDGE is named after its creator. It was published on Android and iOS operating systems for the first time in 2003. ZEDGE has already achieved numerous notable milestones, like hitting the top of the most popular apps on Google Play in the United States and having more than 30 million monthly active users.

What is ZEDGE?

ZEDGE is a platform for the distribution of ringtones, wallpapers, and other mobile phone content. The application allows users to browse and download wallpaper images, wallpaper movies, ringtones, and notification sounds. Users can customize their devices to their liking with the usage of these contents.

Apart from offering the aforementioned content, ZEDGE also assists with the setup of various media files on the device. For instance, when you download an mp3 song, the app will prompt you to choose a destination for it. You can use them as a ringtone, notification tone, alarm tone, or ringtone for a specific contact in your contact list, or store them to the media folder. This is quite convenient and beneficial. As is customary, you are not even need to manually move the file inside the folder.

The diverse multimedia file store

According to estimations, ZEDGE offers over 10,000 free wallpapers and over 400,000 free ringtones. As a result, you can search for the majority of content that is relevant to your needs and tastes. However, with this volume of content, we will need to pay attention to a few points.

The first is the issue of content searching and filtering. ZEDGE is separated into four primary categories: wallpaper images, video wallpapers, ringtones, and notification sounds. They are organized in the left-hand navigation menu. When you click on a category, the screen changes to a list of the most popular articles and prominent themes. For instance, animals, cuteness, affection, and winter landscapes… Additionally, you can search for articles by typing keywords into the search field.

Second, when accessing content in ZEDGE, you should connect to a wireless network (Wifi). As previously said, the program has hundreds of thousands of pieces of information ranging from photographs to audio files to films. They will be preloaded, resulting in significant data loss if you use a mobile network. Using wireless networks also improves the user experience by allowing for faster content rendering and downloads.

Premium content

Apart from the standard content, ZEDGE also features premium content. The wallpapers are more artistically made and of greater quality than normal. They are, of course, fully free, but consumers must watch the advertisement film in order to download.

Share your wallpapers and ringtones

Apart from downloading, you can also contribute to the ZEDGE community by uploading content. You can collaborate with other users to share your ringtones, audio files, images, and unique designs.

To do so, create an account on ZEDGE’s homepage or log in via social media. Naturally, posted content will be reviewed. Before sharing information, you should verify its legitimacy and applicability.

Additionally, when logged in as a member, you can “drop heart” for other users’ material. You can also try other apps like Wallcraft.

MOD APK version of ZEDGE

MOD feature

Subscription Actived: ZEDGE works on a Freemium model. In which, the user can use all resources/services that the application provides. ZEDGE offers a single premium plan, Premium, which eliminates ads and speeds up downloads. It costs $ 0.99 per month or $ 4.99 per year. You can download the MOD APK file below to use the full service for free.

Download ZEDGE MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New ZEDGE™

New! Follow your favorites on Zedge! If you like what you see, you can now:• Keep track of your favorite artists by following their profiles• Receive notifications and keep up-to-date when those you follow publish new ringtones or wallpapers.As always, we're working behind the scenes on making it easier for you to discover wallpapers, video wallpapers, ringtones and notification sounds, and delivering content that is personalized to you.

With ZEDGE, you can personalize your device simply and quickly. Hundreds of thousands of free content available are waiting for you to discover, while new content is being updated daily. Besides downloading, ZEDGE also allows you to create collections to store ringtones and wallpapers. Thanks to that, you can access it again more quickly.

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