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Name Yandex Music
Publisher Yandex Apps
Category Music And Audio
Version 2022.04.2 #4765
Size 15M
Requires Android Network required
MOD Features Plus Subscription
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Introduce about Yandex MusicThe largest technological company in Russia is Yandex. They build the most popular Yandex search engine in the region and provide digital services. Yandex Music ...
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Introduce about Yandex Music

The largest technological company in Russia is Yandex. They build the most popular Yandex search engine in the region and provide digital services. Yandex Music is one of Android’s most popular music players. You can listen to music and receive instantaneous recommendations according to your tastes. Yandex Music has a Freemium strategy. You must subscribe to the developer’s subscription plan if you wish to utilize premium services. If you do not want to lose money, you may also use the MOD APK version that we provide.

Discover trending songs

Similar to other online music and streaming players, Yandex Music utilizes a crawler. Due to this, the application is able to synthesize and compile statistics for the list of the most popular songs. Select “Hits” on the My broadcast interface if you like to examine them.

Observe that the tendency will continue to shift. Therefore, now you can listen to a song, but tomorrow you can listen to a different song, or you won’t even discover it in Yandex Music’s trending songs. If you wish to listen to a song in the future, you can add it to your favorites or playlists.

Discover new songs

The rapid rate of material update is one of the reasons behind Yandex Music’s immense popularity. On the app’s homepage and sub-categories, you can check daily for new information.

Yandex Music also proposes playlists that fit your preferred moods and genres based on your music listening history and search queries. Thus, there is always “something” to listen to.

Moreover, this program is regarded as an excellent venue for vocalists to release albums and singles. Now, follow Yandex Music and your favorite artists.


You may find millions of podcasts on Yandex Music if you occasionally want to vary the music you listen to. There are a large number of prominent podcasters and lecturers who broadcast their shows on the site.

When you navigate to the “Podcasts” category, you can find podcasts that have been recently published and podcasts that are the most popular. You can also quickly determine if people liked a podcast by viewing the “likes” counter that appears beneath each one.

There are additional podcasts organized by subject. At the bottom of Yandex Music, you may select and listen to pre-made playlists.

Enjoy copyrighted music

When uploaded to Yandex Music, the content is tightly regulated. Thus, you can locate the most trending, popular, new, and popular material.
Developers are also highly attentive in the audience’s experience, so Yandex Music also includes a “editor’s picks” area. Music and podcasts have been thoroughly vetted to offer you with the best enjoyable listening experience!

You can also try other apps like TIDAL Music.

Download and experience offline

Streaming music using the application requires an Internet connection. Occasionally, though, your device may lack internet connectivity, rendering the service unavailable. However, Yandex Music allows users to download music files and play them offline. The downloaded music can be found in the “download” folder within the library.

Additionally, Yandex Music is a music player. You can load music files into the application and play them within the application.

MOD APK version of Yandex Music

MOD feature

Plus Subscription

What’s more in the Plus plan?

Yandex Music’s Plus plan costs $ 2.66 per month. This package will unlock Yandex.Disk feature, extend 10 GB more hard disk and 30% other paid services. You will also be given access to KinoPoisk HD for watching movies, TV shows.

In addition, other features in the app will also be unlocked, for example downloading music and listening to exclusive content.

Download Yandex Music MOD APK for Android

Nowadays, streaming services and online music streaming are top-rated. Yandex Music is not necessarily the best app, but it personalizes and recommends popular songs best suited for you. This is for convenience while also giving you access to new, similar, and more interesting content.

What's Latest New Yandex Music

Bugs are fixed, notes are ordered

If you’ve used Yandex Music but still want to experience more new music players, you can choose from Spotify, Pandora, or Apple Music. Some are available on HOSTZFEVER, and all have premium packs unlocked.

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