App Name Xprofile – Profile Analysis
Publisher Xprofile
Genre Apps
Size 36.8MB
Latest Version 1.0.64
MOD Info Immortal Character
Update June 5, 2021

Social networks at the moment are so popular that everyone owns at least one account. There are people who even own many different accounts for each specific purpose. In general, the habit of using social media has become a daily routine of modern people. If a day is not updated with news on social networks, many people feel uncomfortable. Have you ever thought that your social media accounts are also receiving special attention from many people? To know that is not too difficult with the application Xprofile – Profile Analysis. Basically, it helps you analyze what’s going on in your profile. This app has the ability to discover exclusive, need-to-know information about social media accounts.

Find out all the stats for you

When users on a social networking site, they post their activity. The more active you are, the better your account response will be. Try to make friends with many people and share interesting moments with them. However, when everything is out of control, it is difficult to know who is hard-working with you. “Xprofile” will be filtered out of all the parameters that you can use to find out what’s going on with your profile. Profile trends such as engagement rates, average likes, and follower ratios will be the parameters you need to know in order to take the right steps in the process of using social networks. Or you are simply curious if you are getting the attention of your friends, just use the application.

Because right in 1 page of the screen you can both see the number of people you are following and the number of people following you. If people you follow but get no response, unfollow them. Except for the celebrities, of course. You are not as important as they need to follow you. For influencers, this application is more important. It will help these people analyze trends as well as how to make their social network more popular.

Sign up for Gold member to get more powerful benefits

If you are a free user and only need to know the basic information, you don’t need to spend money because of this feature. But celebrities need it because they need more insights to increase their influence. Once you have used the money to sign up for a Gold member, you can instantly get advanced data points such as story details, post engagement data, and much, much more! These are all things that can have an immediate effect on your profile. If you know them quickly, you can correct the behaviors that are detrimental to you. In addition, the users’ movements on social media were also very important for you. Because as an influencer, you know the information slower than people have partly lost your advantage. You have to catch the trend to create quality content. In general, in this era, information is power.


FollowerFor social media users in general and Instagram in particular, Follower is a very important element. If you have a large following, then you are a celebrity. To keep followers, you have to constantly create content that appeals to them. Plus you also need new followers to increase your influence. Xprofile will let you show people “not following you back” and people “you don’t follow back”. By controlling these ratios, you will have a healthy and relevant social networking site with the content you post.

You can even see who blocks you too. The “follow lost and follow gain” index is the most important and quickly volatile. If you are a celebrity, they are even more important. Perhaps, checking Xprofile will be a new habit of your day after consuming all the interesting content on social networks.

Your Story in-depth analysis

Since the release of Story, many social media sites began to allow this feature to work on their platforms. It’s like a temporary post that will automatically be hidden after 24 hours, only you can review them. This is like a kind of transient emotion you don’t want to be reminded of every year because of the “On this day” feature. The story is becoming more and more important for a social media account. Stories and Posts have become two distinct forces that are both separate and unified on one platform, with mutual support for growth. If you want your social networking site to be beautiful, you must pay attention to analyze the Story.

Xprofile allows you to know the most people who watched your Story, who skipped your Story, and even who watched the Story without following. There is also much other info that you can exploit on this application. It will definitely help a lot in developing your profile to suit the tastes of your audience r simply to satisfy your curiosity.