Wrestling Empire

Wrestling Empire

Name Wrestling Empire
Package com.MDickie.WrestlingEmpire
Publisher Mdickie
Category Sports
Version 1.4.6
Size 141M
Requires Android 7.0
MOD Features Pro Membership Unlocked
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Introduce about Wrestling EmpireMobile game of exciting wrestling action!Create your own star and embark on a wrestling careerWrestling is not just one of the most popular heav...
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Introduce about Wrestling Empire

Mobile game of exciting wrestling action!

Create your own star and embark on a wrestling career

Wrestling is not just one of the most popular heavyweight sports due to its intensity, but also for a variety of other reasons. Behind it are numerous ancient techniques, binding laws, and countless avenues for wrestlers to develop their own intelligence and adaptability.

There have been numerous successful names on various platforms since the introduction of professional wrestling. To play wrestling games on a mobile device, however, expression and enormous capacity are perpetual difficulties. Try Wrestling Empire if you want to compete in serious wrestling battles on a mid-range device.

Wrestling with a variety of flexible attacks and defenses

Also fairly easy is the gameplay of Wrestling Empire. On-screen buttons are displayed for controlling the character’s movement direction and attacks. However, mastering the procedures and organizing them effectively is difficult. In other words, Wrestling Empire is a type of fighting game with simple gameplay but challenging controls.

In addition to mastering attacks, you must also employ timely defense and strike at the optimal time. Inaccurate calculations and considerations can result in wrestling losses. It is totally up to the player to choose how to attack or combine with defense. You can decide to attack aggressively, or you can analyze your opponent, locate their weak spot, and then attack. Alternately, you can adopt a more includes the installation strategy, occasionally slipping in a strike while maintaining a defensive position to build strength, and only launching a serious assault when the opponent is exhausted.

Wrestling Empire moves at a moderate rate. Due to the character’s uncommonly accurate punches and the game’s easy control method, though, everything runs smoothly. In the context of 1v1 fighting games, this is something I appreciate about this game.

You can also try other games like Shadow Fight 2, MORTAL KOMBAT and Real Steel Boxing Champions.

Game mode

Wrestling Empire’s PvP mode with people from around the globe is also a major feature. You can decide to team up with anyone and join your own own Wrestling arena due to the large community and easy accessibility.

In Career Mode, you’ll be followed by a lightweight wrestler as he competes in major and little contests across the globe, fighting 350 opponents of the same size ranging from beginners to seasoned veterans across 10 teams. A wrestler’s ultimate goal is to attain the title of World Champion in his or her weight class. With each victory, a wrestler’s career progresses a step closer to this goal.

Graphics and sound

The visual quality of Wrestling Empire is poor, but the block-style graphic design lends the game its own unique appeal. Everything is quite rough, prickly, and even a little bit harsh. However, the excitement of this heavy sport grows as a result of this.

Without elaborating on the appearance of the characters or the surrounding setting, it must acknowledge Wrestling Empire’s capacity to construct fluid moves. All of the wrestlers in Wrestling Empire move fluidly and deliver punches with extreme precision. This is exactly what is required for a wrestling game.
Wrestling Empire also excels in terms of its audio design. The sound of hooks exploded from the fans, followed by the referee’s announcement of a spectacular knockout… The arena produced by Wrestling Empire’s intricate and effective sound system is very alive.

The visual aesthetic of Wrestling Empire is also similar of many other vintage games, in which wrestling or combat is always entertaining, rather than focused excessively on winning or losing strategy. In Wrestling Empire, you may view the purest definition of wrestling and experience the full excitement of this thrilling sport.

MOD APK version of Wrestling Empire

MOD feature

Unlocked Pro Membership

Download Wrestling Empire APK & MOD for Android

There are many things for you to experience in Wrestling Empire. Above all, the game emphasizes the role of the player and opens up a lot of open ways for you to unleash the skills of the wrestlers. Let download Wrestling Empire and have a great time playing!

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