App Name WPSApp Pro
Publisher TheMauSoft
Genre Apps
Size 4.79MB
Latest Version 1.6.56
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Update August 30, 2021

In the 4.0 era, it seemed that every home had at least one WiFi network. However, there are often many users who use or even hack your home WiFi, without you noticing. This is actually a form of law violation, but the level of danger it poses is zero, so no one is free to solve cases like this. Of course, the most disadvantaged are the family members. The password of your household WiFi can be publicly posted on the app online so that more and more strangers can freely use your home Internet.

Therefore, the transmission speed may be significantly reduced if the devices use the network too much. That is why WPSApp Pro was born. The main application is the savior for the households. If you feel that your Internet is a bit malfunctioning or at risk of getting an error, use WPSApp Pro. The app will probe your home network, check it and make an assessment whether your WiFi is vulnerable to attack or not?

What can this application do?
The app allows you to connect to WiFi directly via an 8-digit pin code (usually located on the router). Apart from this method, you will know how to connect to WiFi using WPS. If you happen to be badly played by someone, change your WiFi password and don’t know what to do, this is a feature for you to log into your network. However, if the prankster has turned WPS off, this method is also not available. In addition, there is another way that is reset all. However, this also means that you will have to go through many and many installation steps.
Once logged in, you can easily see the WiFi password displayed neatly on the screen. Naturally, you can completely change them. Run a network diagnostic to see if your WiFi network is secure, or is it vulnerable to attack? To increase the level of protection, consider turning WPS on or off, changing the wifi with a stronger and more unpredictable password, such as 244466666 (If you do not know, it is read exactly the same as 123456. However, I’m just kidding. Don’t mess with each other like that!)
Network types are categorized into three main icons. The first symbol is the question mark (?). This means that the WPS protocol is enabled with an unknown Pin. At this point, the application will allow performing tests with common Pin codes. If the Pin code is entered correctly, users will be able to connect to WiFi. The second symbol is the green tick. Which networks display this icon means that the network is most vulnerable, which means that the network has WPS enabled, and the password is also revealed. Or, this may also be the case with the unknown password, with WPS enabled. Meanwhile, the red cross corresponds to the highest level of security. This means that WPS is turned off and the password is unknown.
However, there is one condition for you to see the password, which is to act as a root user. The publisher also noted that this software does not have 100% accuracy but only relative. So users can consider making judgments.