Worms Zone.io

Worms Zone.io

Casual Azur Games
Name Worms Zone .io
Package com.wildspike.wormszone
Publisher Casual Azur Games
Category Action
Version 3.6.2
Size 80M
Requires Android 5.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Skins Unlocked
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Introduce about Worms Zone.ioThe best snake game for AndroidWithout a doubt, each of us recalls the snake game on our ancient Nokia phones. Worms Zone.io, as well as a few other ...
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Introduce about Worms Zone.io

The best snake game for Android

Without a doubt, each of us recalls the snake game on our ancient Nokia phones. Worms Zone.io, as well as a few other comparable games such as Slither.io and Snake.io, are obvious inspirations for that illustrious game. However, keyboards have been phased out in favor of the smartphone’s touch screen. Additionally, the game’s gameplay has been altered to make it more distinctive and appealing to gamers.

Worms Zone.io was published by Casual Azur Game on April 3, 2018. Although players are familiar with the Snake game genre, the game has garnered a large following due to its inspiration from the classic Snake game. Despite being over three years old, the game is currently ranked #34 on the AppStore’s Top Action Games list and has over 100 million downloads on Google Play, an extraordinarily astounding figure.


Maintaining the snake game series’ gameplay, all you have to do is direct your worm across a big area, eating meals like sandwiches, hamburgers, and cheese. Additionally, you must battle and consume other adversaries in order to increase your size and length. To defeat them, you must move precisely enough to have the opponent’s worm’s head come into contact with your worm’s body. At that point, the adversary is transformed into food, which you consume.

By double touching the touch screen, the player can also accelerate his worm. The worm’s bulk, on the other hand, will decrease as its speed increases. A typical technique employed by players to defeat opponents is to curl their opponent in a circle, with the loops becoming smaller and smaller until the opponent becomes stuck and stabs you.

Unlock skins

When a player begins a game, the worm’s color is randomly selected. Additionally, you can customize the appearance of your worm. There are a variety of available colors. Or, if you like, you can alter the worm’s expression by changing its eyes or mouth. When you reach the required level, you can also purchase the odd and amusing worm skins.

You can also try other apps like Dead Cells and Gangstar Vegas.

Choose the right strategy to grom your worm

Worms Zone.io is an infinite-time, score-based, and size-limited game. This affects the player in part because playing for an extended period of time diminishes the player’s energy. Thus, in order to win, there must be a rational approach. The following are three strategies that many players employ:

  • Among the three tactics, this is the slowest. Players that employ this technique will prioritize food collection and will intentionally avoid confrontations with other players. While slow and deliberate, this technique will assist you in safely and firmly developing your character. Once you achieve a sufficiently enormous size, you can battle with greater confidence against weaker worms. If you exercise sufficient patience with this technique, victory is almost certain.
  • Fighter: In comparison to Builder, this is a more aggressive and risky technique. Attempt to consume as many foods as possible as you begin the game. Following that, you’ll spend the most of your time hunting opponents that are smaller than you in order to bulk up. This strategy will enable you to rapidly expand your business, but it also carries a number of risks. If you do not move with agility, you will quickly become a target for other players and will meet a tragic end.
  • Trickster: Not too slower, not too rapid, as the two preceding techniques. By employing this method, you will avoid creating useless confrontations and will instead wait patiently for other adversaries to engage in combat. Once the conflict is ended, proceed to gather as much loot as possible and then flee. This strategy will aid in the gradual and safe development of your size. However, players frequently avoid this approach due to its dullness and the fact that it does not result in a high ranking on the scoreboard.

MOD APK version of Worms Zone.io

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Skins Unlocked

Download Worms Zone.io MOD APK for Android

Worms Zone.io is an attractive and extremely attractive game. With minimalistic 3D graphics along with unique gameplay, you will be completely absorbed in the game and forget the time. What are you waiting for? Please download this game right away to have a great experience!

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