Maxim Karpenko
Name WorldBox
Package com.mkarpenko.worldbox
Publisher Maxim Karpenko
Category Simulation
Version 0.13.16
Size 73M
Requires Android 5.0 Can play offline
MOD Features No
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Introduce about WorldBoxSandbox games have been popular for a long period of time and have garnered significant attention from gamers. There are numerous amazing products available for Andr...
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Introduce about WorldBox

Sandbox games have been popular for a long period of time and have garnered significant attention from gamers. There are numerous amazing products available for Android mobile platforms, including PIXOWL’s The Sandbox Evolution and Maxim Karpenko’s WorldBox. Without a doubt, the fusion of Sandbox and Indie genres will be intriguing and worth anticipating.

Additionally, their website offers versions for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Build your world

Have you ever desired to become a deity in order to restructure and rebuild the world to your specifications? This is your chance, when WorldBox bestows upon you the divine power. You are free to construct and destruct whatever you like. You have complete control over everything. Alternatively, and perhaps more intriguingly, construct an absurd situation (such as dropping the Orcs into the region of the Elf) and observe what occurs.

The table at the bottom of the screen summarizes all of your power. You should be aware of several of their features, which include storing and loading current worlds, creating new worlds, and configuring the world’s laws. Once you’re familiar with these concepts, you can begin playing the game without relying on the system’s instructions.

With only a sliver of land accessible, you can begin to cultivate animal life. Civilization accomplishes this through its powers. Creating a town or kingdom is easy and quick, taking only a few seconds with a single click. However, you do not want to let individuals to live and grow in peace; instead, you want to make life more difficult for them. Do not be afraid to introduce dragons, monsters, or weather events into your world. Humanity’s ability to survive will be established quickly. Because they will be pushed to the edge of extinction if they are unable to overcome the hazards inherent in nature or the laws of the world.

WorldBox’s controls are really straightforward, and include touch, drag, and drop. To make humans, simply select the appropriate species and then touch any spot on the map to drop them in. Zoom in/out or drag to move to another location with two fingers.
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Let’s destroy something

As a God, you have the capacity to not only create life but also to destroy everything you like. There are several ways to accomplish this on the destructive power tab. You can use TNT, which is a highly explosive material that explodes and burns when it comes into touch with the ground. Additionally, similar to what Thanos did in Avengers: Infinity War, you can employ mines, atomic bombs, meteorite fragments, or infinity coins to eliminate half of the world’s living beings.

However, this is not a comprehensive list. Monsters and natural disasters are also one of the most terrible methods of wreaking havoc. Can you introduce some fire dragons into your freshly formed town or kingdom to observe how humans deal with this frightening creature? Or, alternatively, create tornadoes, lightning, or even a firestorm and observe them sweep across the landscape.


WorldBox employs an outdated kind of 2D pixel graphics in an era when the majority of games are created on sharp and realistic 3D platforms. As you can see, a large number of people are drawn to these aesthetics, as seen by the game’s over 10 million downloads.

WorldBox, despite its simplicity, contains some quite impressive fire effects. Additionally, there are the sounds, which were captured in their natural habitat. All of this allows you to sense the damage that occurred, or just the life that was created through the birds singing and the sound of sheep being created.

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MOD APK version of WorldBox

The MOD APK version has been taken down due to a request from the developer. But they agreed to let us share the special APK version of the game.
You can view ads to activate paid features of the game for a certain period of time.

Download WorldBox APK for Android now!

WorldBox will bring great entertainment moments for your free time. It’s completely free at HOSTZFVER, you can download the original game via the link below of this article. Start your god experience right now!

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