World Cricket Championship 3

World Cricket Championship 3

Nextwave Multimedia
Name World Cricket Championship 3
Package com.nextwave.wcc3
Publisher Nextwave Multimedia
Category Sports
Version 1.4.5
Size 985M
Requires Android 5.1
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Introduce about World Cricket Championship 3Following the incredible success of World Cricket Championship 2, ...
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Introduce about World Cricket Championship 3

Following the incredible success of World Cricket Championship 2, Nextwave Multimedia has continued to create World Cricket Championship 3 by incorporating numerous design improvements and new features. Numerous fans have been anticipating the third installment of this popular game series, which is now available for download.


Numerous adjustments have been made to the gameplay compared to the last installment of the WCC series. World Cricket Championship 3 allows you to create your own squad and assign players to the field. The referee then flips a coin to determine which team will launch the initial attack. If you gain priority, you control the batter and attempt to drive the ball into one of your opponent’s three pillars. Your squad will earn three points for every successful attack.

However, as you are probably aware, recording this score is difficult due to the game’s numerous gameplay adjustments. You must manage players in a variety of positions, including Pitcher, Runner, and Batsman. The force with which you click will effect the ball’s back and forth passing between teammates. If you can maintain stability with the blue force, the ball will be transmitted properly and may even score points. Otherwise, you will lose possession of the ball and be forced to play defense. There are few opportunities for errors, sluggishness, or inaccuracy in World Cricket Championship 3, as each match is only three rounds long.

Upgrade your squad

This is a new element added to the World Cricket Championship series’ third edition, as noted previously. A portion of the win is determined by the player’s control abilities; the remainder is determined by the players – who engage directly with the ball on the field. If their ability is sufficient, they can run faster, make better passes, and throw the ball. If you wish to raise the quality of your players, navigate to the upgrading page.

Each player will be equipped with two distinct sets of skills: fielding and batting. Each ability encompasses a variety of additional capabilities, including accuracy, dodging, running speed, catching the ball, throwing speed, safe hand, and recovery speed. They have an immediate effect on your team’s on-field performance. Consider this: if your squad is sufficiently strong, healthy, and skilled, you have a number of advantages over your competitors.
When regarded objectively, this update is critical. Because as you advance to the championship tournament’s inner level, you will encounter powerful and experienced opponents. Without balance in the squad, it’s difficult to progress.


World Cricket Championship 3 has a variety of game types, including tournaments, fast play, challenge a friend, batting rivals, championship, and, most recently, online rivals. Now, instead of AI-controlled contests, you can participate in genuine matches against other players within the same system. Automatically, based on your accomplishments, matches will be made. When there is a sizable Cricket community, the competition becomes incredibly exciting.

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You can plainly tell how committed Nextwave Multimedia is to their goods and the user experience by the fact that new competitions and events are added on a regular basis. Each match holds a wealth of unexpected surprises. You’ll face new challenges while earning important bonuses and prizes!


World Cricket Championship 3’s graphics are created in a high-definition 3D environment. You loved part 2’s emphasis on the strength of graphics. The characters and competitions continue to play out authentically, as evidenced by the cheers and emotions displayed by each team member. The viewing angle, on the other hand, has shifted slightly. It has been relocated slightly farther away to allow you to cover more ground.

The game’s homepage layout is same. To discover new game modes, features, and events, you can drag to the side. The screen, in particular, is a representation of your team’s players. Are you aware of their unity and resolve?

Download World Cricket Championship 3 APK for Android

Part 3 of the World Cricket Championship series was launched with new features to look forward to. The gameplay has been improved, allowing you to control the members of the squad at different positions. Now that the experience of Cricket is more realistic. Please don’t miss World Cricket Championship 3!

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