App Name Wink
Publisher Wink - TV, Movies, Series, UFC
Genre Apps
Size 10.1MB
Latest Version 1.32.1
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Update June 8, 2021

Entertainment is one of the indispensable needs in human life to help people feel relaxed. With the development of science as it is today, more and more new entertainment methods were born to satisfy people. And there is a tool that can give users a lot of different forms of entertainment for users to experience. It is a smartphone; users can use it to listen to music, watch movies, read books, and do many other things. But to do that, users will need an application to do that. If users want your phone to be a TV for users to use, the Wink application will be what users need. This application, users can experience many different types of entertainment that only this application can bring to users to enjoy.

Turn your phone into a TV

To see what a TV has, users need to sit in front of the TV screen, but that’s too time-consuming. Users can not sit all day; users also need to do a lot of other things to live. Although it is not possible to carry the TV everywhere, users can carry a smartphone anywhere. With this application, users can watch TV on their devices anytime, anywhere, which gives users a lot of great experiences. Users only need to start the application to watch TV on their mobile devices very conveniently.

Large channel storage

This application has large channel storage with over 200 different channels for users to experience. These channels are all channels very carefully selected by the creative team of the application to put into the app. Users can freely choose their favorite channel, all of which are channels from Russian TV stations and some other places. If the user is a Russian or wants to discover more about Russian culture, this app is something that people should download to use.

Free operation

When users use this application, users can freely action such as fast forward, stop the review, and many other things. If the user is busy and cannot continue watching, just press the stop button to let another view. But when the user watches on TV, the user does not have the feature to use, and if he wants to watch it again, the user needs to wait for the program to replay. Users also can not rewind or do anything else, but if using this application, everything is possible. This will give users a lot of convenience when watching TV; users do not need to worry about missing their favorite shows.

Excellent quality

If users watch on TV, there will be times when the transmission is unstable, at this time, the quality of the image will be affected. But with this application, you do not need to worry, because the quality of the videos is improved, and the connection is more stable. All videos on the app are in HD quality or Full HD for users to experience.