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Introduce about Windy.comWhat is was first launched on November 1, 2014 with the name By 2016, this app was launched on Android and iOS under the nam...
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Introduce about

What is

Windy was first launched on November 1, 2014 with the name By 2016, this app was launched on Android and iOS under the name Windytv. One year later, the developers changed the name to and kept that name up to now.

This application has been trusted by many people around the world. From professional pilots, paragliding athletes, surfers and even governments of some countries, is used as a source of accurate and reliable weather forecasts.

The leading standard weather forecast model by NOAA

Currently, is forecasting the weather situation based on data from the GFS, ECMWF models of NOAA – the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. In addition, the application also uses the NEMS model from the Swiss company named Meteoblue. These are all recognized models as the most accurate in the world today. is one of the few weather companies adopting these models, so the application has attracted many users. Specifically, the app has more than 10 million users, based on Google Play statistics.

Weather forecast for 7 days helps you track weather developments for 7 consecutive days. Not only that, this application also continuously updates the weather changes from day to hour. This will help you grasp the weather quickly so you can prepare your plan.

Detailed weather information in each area not only updates quickly but also provides extremely specific weather information such as temperature, precipitation, wind speed, fog condition, … Besides, you can also see the time when the sun rises and sets and the shape of the moon anywhere in the world. This application can provide such useful information thanks to their satellite radars placed on different locations around the Earth. Therefore,’s coverage is worldwide, you can even see the weather situation in both Arctic and Antarctica.

General weather information

When you choose any weather factor such as temperature, precipitation or wind direction, the app will display a heat map of those factors from around the world. This will make it possible to compare the situation of your area with other regions quickly and easily.

Keep track of other useful information

Ivo Lukacovic, founder of, was originally a helicopter pilot and jet pilot. His passion for skydiving and some of his programming knowledge prompted him to create the website Therefore, initially this application is intended for extreme sports athletes with information mainly about skydiving spots or safe surfing areas during the day.

However, a few years later, as the application became more popular and widely available, he and his team developed with other useful information such as weather at airports around the world or happenings of storms. Not only that, the application also allows us to view real images of some locations captured from satellite cameras, helping users to capture the current weather situation anywhere on Earth.

You can also try other weather forecasting apps like AccuWeather and YoWindow.

What’s more in Windy Premium version?

In 2020, the developer has released Windy Premium, a premium package that helps provide users with more information about weather such as air quality, weather alerts, … More than that, Windy Premium also uses advanced optical satellites, so the data will be much faster and more accurate. Another advantage of the Premium version is that the weather will be forecast 1 hour in advance with high resolution, while the free version only forecast 3 hours ahead.

MOD APK version of

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked: All premium features are unlocked.

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What's Latest New - Weather Radar, Satellite and Forecast

- Increased stability and speed (through technology change)- UI improvements- Tens of bugfixes is an extremely useful application when it comes to keeping you informed about the weather in your area. Moreover, this application is completely free and during use will not have any ads. What are you waiting for, please download on your Android phone right now!

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