RPG Way of Retribution: Awakening (MOD, Unlimited Currency)

Way of Retribution: Awakening (MOD, Unlimited Currency)

  • Publisher: Lib
  • Version: 2.594
  • Category: RPG
  • Size: 640M
  • Update: June 16, 2020 at 11:55 pm
  • Available at: Google Play


If the player has ever come to the game Dark Souls, then surely will know this game is challenging to complete. But this does not make the player uncomfortable, but it also becomes something specific so that the player can challenge yourself and become better. If the player wants to have an experience like that, the game Way of Retribution: Awakening is something that players should try. This game was successful when creating an image and experience similar to what the player has ever experienced before. If players think that other RPG games have become too easy to overcome, this game is something that players should try.

The world has been covered by darkness is fighting for the place of light, and these things have contributed to creating a new world. With the dominance of darkness, people are increasingly more difficult to live. The war happened all over the world, causing many big nations to collapse under the fire of war. The dead was once again resurrected in the form of monsters thanks to the power of darkness. They go to many different lands to be able to destroy everything. Players will have the task of finding fragments of hope to be able to restore the earth.

Diverse character classes

First of all, to participate in the game, the player will need a character to be able to control and fight monsters. The game gives players a lot of different character classes for players to choose from. Each class will have a different set of skills and functions that players can use in battles with monsters. The classes that the game has for players to choose, such as Knight, Mage, Warrior, and many other things for players to easily select.

Start the journey

Players will be given a lot of different missions to perform and receive rewards. Most of the missions assigned to them involve fighting monsters to complete the task. The monsters in the game are too powerful, making it difficult for the player to destroy them. Normal monsters were hard to kill, but if the player faced the boss, things would become even more difficult. If the player does not have powerful equipment, it is harder to overcome.

MOD Info?

  • Unlimited Currency

– Your gold Increasing when purchase items~~ After defeating the boss in the “Mist” area, find the “Fire Shrine” and enter the “refuge” to find the merchant ~~

Note: Please enter offline mode to enter the game

Way of Retribution: Awakening [V2.594] [APK Installer]