Warnet Life

Warnet Life

Akhir Pekan Studio
Name Warnet Life
Package com.AkhirPekan.WarnetSimulator
Publisher Akhir Pekan Studio
Category Simulation
Version 2.9
Size 103M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Free Shopping
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Introduce about Warnet LifeThe position of Internet Cafe proprietor in the 3D simulation game: what seems simple might be really difficult!BackgroundInternet Cafe Simulator and...
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Introduce about Warnet Life

The position of Internet Cafe proprietor in the 3D simulation game: what seems simple might be really difficult!


Internet Cafe Simulator and Warnet Life are comparable games. In the game, you are also a small company owner in Indonesia, operating an Internet cafe. Warnet Life employs a well-known cubic style of 3D graphics to recreate, from a first-person perspective, the owner’s daily activities.


At the start of the game, you will have 69 RP in cash, and your most valuable asset will be an Internet Cafe with a computer and a place to stay. Your management of the business begins here.

Your target market, like many other Internet cafes, consists of local youngsters and anyone who needs to use the Internet to talk, unwind, or play games. Customers will compete directly for the scoreboard and rankings, and the majority of them are young men. Girls and customers in their middle years are uncommon. Typically, they only visit when downloading papers, chatting, or reading newspapers online.

The first positive aspect of the game is that you will experience the peaceful existence of the Indonesian people through the game’s details and progression. In the thriving city in the center of Indonesia, you may eat, enjoy the local delicacies, observe the street attire of the locals, and view the streets and forms of public transportation.

The game’s abundance of activities is the following intriguing aspect. Despite the fact that your primary responsibility is to manage and operate the Internet Cafe and resolve all problems that arise within and outside the Cafe, you have your own life and enjoy a range of activities, just like a native Indonesian. You can go to the market, shop, socialize with friends, eat, and phone your loved ones, or you can do whatever you like. A colorful lifeform will continuously appear before the player.

In the course of operating the Internet cafe, there is a unique activity: purchasing and selling computers with various electronic businesses. This is due to the fact that transmission speed and quality can only be maximized by constant equipment upgrades. Sometimes, clients mishandle them, causing them to break, and you must always locate inexpensive, high-quality replacement parts and accessories. There are a handful of electronic businesses in the same city where you can purchase whatever you require. There is even an IKEA store that sells a variety of furniture, including sofas, tables, chairs, kitchens, wallpapers, etc., if you wish to purchase store decorations.

Endurance is more important than the initial economic potential

You will understand that for the position of managing an Internet cafe, long-distance travel will be more crucial than the initial financial potential. Competitors from a different Internet cafe may have more capital than you do, but if they do not use it wisely and follow the trends, they will all fail in the near future.

This applies to you as well. Importantly, you must be adaptable and skilled to earn money with that starting sum, invest in the proper location, don’t overextend yourself, and don’t neglect your core. Only then will your store endure in the “Internet Cafe” industry for a long time.

Also applies to your health: the tale of tenacity. To accomplish several tasks throughout a long day, you must constantly have appropriate nutrition. Avoid allowing the character to become tired by monitoring his eating and drinking habits.

Earnings and transactions

Remember that you have been placed in “no backup option” status from the very beginning. The Internet Cafe is your sole source of income. It determines your fate. Simply adopt this mindset and make every effort to generate as much income from all services as feasible. You will only be able to continue your business if you do so.

The principle is straightforward: the more cool things an Internet cafe has, the more innovative it is and the more likely it is to set the local trend >> have more customers >> earn more money >> use the money to enhance, innovate, and create more cool things >> have more customers and earn more money again. The flow of money continues to circulate, and if you have the necessary skills and foresight, you may make money from money.

You can also improve your earnings by expanding and diversifying your business services: add a food counter, a drink menu, a counter that sells electrical equipment, toys, video games, Internet phone cards, and anything else you can imagine.

Obviously, growing into so many new sectors necessitates the hiring of additional staff members in order to effectively service clients in all situations. The number of employees, their salaries, and their work hours are contingent upon you at all times and for all company strategies.

Keep in mind that your objective is not simply to generate a profit, but also to run an efficient firm. Make your Internet café a well-known and larger establishment.

Life is not like a dream

As the store’s proprietor, you must oversee all aspects of the business. You are responsible for building and facilities; repairing and maintaining utilities such as electricity, water, and the network; and ensuring the security of the store.

There are numerous problems you must manage, such a rude client in the morning, noisy youngsters in the afternoon, and the constant threat of an attack on your cafe’s network, which necessitates the hiring of security personnel. When the light bulb burns out, you must find a way to fix it. When the Internet stops working, you must call a network professional to fix it. All sorts of occurrences are possible. Depending on the response, it will allow you to progress further and for longer in the game.

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MOD APK version of Warnet Life

MOD feature

Free Shopping


All items cost 0.
MOD does not work with Casino and Lootbox.

Download Warnet Life APK & MOD for Android

It is a small simulation game, its image is quite rudimentary and basic, but its gameplay is challenging and diverse to manipulate and handle. The game is fun, entertaining, and also quite dramatic. Download Warnet Life to play here.