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Introduce about VlogNowA extremely simple approach to generate a video for a living online and conquer any trend with a single note.Everyone loves beauty and want a wonderful video...
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Introduce about VlogNow

A extremely simple approach to generate a video for a living online and conquer any trend with a single note.

Everyone loves beauty and want a wonderful video

In tandem with the expansion and dominance in time and space of social networks, the need for editing and posting a flawless personal video on such a platform is expanding. This is straightforward! It facilitates virtual living, the pursuit of beauty, and stress relief. To address this need, a series of more simple, effective, and user-friendly programs for generating and editing videos have emerged.

VlogNow is one of these programs that is garnering a great deal of favorable feedback and user attention. You may make and edit videos with simple capabilities, but the end result is just as good as that of a professional video editing program.

Have you ever thought that video editing is now so easy?

It is entirely doable with an app like VlogNow.
Rather than uploading films to a computer and modifying them with cumbersome software, you can now do everything on your mobile device, which is remarkably lightweight and straightforward. Why am I emphasizing this application’s user-friendliness? VlogNow provides customers with a minimal collection of video editing tools that can satisfy 80% of their requirements. What can we accomplish?

  • The basic set of tools consists of zooming in and out on the timeline, splitting the video clips as desired, deleting and copying the video, cutting and assembling numerous video segments, adjusting the speed for time-lapse, and implementing slow-motion effects.
  • Add background music to clips (free music shop) and choose the beginning and end times, adjust the loudness of background music or available sounds in the movie, add titles, text, stickers, change the font, color, subtitle size, and vary the duration of subtitles…

All thanks to a versatile, straightforward, and incredibly simple-to-use toolkit for video editing. I believe that everyone can gain access and become accustomed to it with minimal effort and time.

And what else?

You do not have to be depressed about your lack of technology. Keep smiling. Because VlogNow will provide us with a variety of filter and effect templates, we can apply them to our videos. In addition, there is a section with instructions on how to modify movies in accordance with current TikTok trends. This function is fantastic if you’re a follower of popular trends on TikTok, wouldn’t you agree? Simply read the directions when you are unsure of how to proceed. When you don’t want to spend a great deal of time revising your document, simply select a template and you’re finished.

The feature for adding background music must therefore be stressed once more. The music in VlogNow’s library is fully free and has been 100 percent legally protected by the application’s developer, so there is no need to be concerned about copyright.

Additionally, apply the same techniques to your videos that you do to your photographs. Obviously, I am referring to the clip’s “decoration.” VlogNow will assist you with all of your requirements, such as adding frames, inserting text, pasting stickers, and displaying animation effects on your films. You have dozens of options to pick from in each of these fields.

Remember to click Share on the social networks associated with VlogNow when you are satisfied with your final product. Depending on the length of the clip, this should just take a few seconds.

VlogNow will help you overcome yourself

As a result of their inability to overcome their “fear of video editing software,” a large number of individuals fell victim to the virtual-living phenomenon. Now that you have VlogNow, you may bid farewell to that feeling. Its UI is designed in a minimalistic yet contemporary manner. It will not make you fearful of high-tech, complicated tasks, such as utilizing video editing software on a computer. Everyone who embarks on a virtual-living journey need a smooth and relaxing introduction.

You can also try other apps like Vlog Star and Filmigo.

MOD APK version of VlogNow

MOD feature

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Download VlogNow MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New VlogNow

1.Bugs fixed and performance improvementsIf you encounter problems during using VN app, please feedback in the Settings on the VN app and contact us at vn.support@ui.com for emergency. We will help you out as soon as possible.

Well, this is a very good video creating and editing application. Its immense advantage is that it is super easy to use, anyone can do it even if you are a newbie. If you want to catch the trend, you can follow the available templates within a note. And in my opinion, anyone who likes to share videos on social networks must install VlogNow on their phone right away because it is extremely quick.

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