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Version 5.1.0
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Requires Android 5.0
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Vinkle: Make a cool, beautiful video from your photosWant to turn your everyday selfies into a video?Vinkle is a video editing app for Android that allows you to create videos fr...
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Vinkle: Make a cool, beautiful video from your photos

Want to turn your everyday selfies into a video?

Vinkle is a video editing app for Android that allows you to create videos from images and then add music and hundreds of effects. After a few minutes of editing, you’ll have a really stunning film with music. Naturally, you may share it on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms as quickly as a breeze.

Thus, using only a few simple photographs of yourself and a few easy steps, you can create a glittering, one-of-a-kind film to share on social media. Let’s take a look at some of Vinkle’s primary characteristics.

Auto Filter and transition

Following the installation of Vinkle on your device, you can continue uploading a sequence of your images to the application. If you haven’t organized your images, have no fear; Vinkle includes an Auto Filter tool; simply import your photos and utilize it; no other steps are required.

The following critical step is to select a connection and transition for the photos. Because photographs are essentially static, creating an animated film requires a sequence of transition effects between each photograph. In total, the software provides you with thousands of effects. What important are the individual’s style and the message being conveyed. Simply be creative and follow your preferences; you will eventually discover the effect that is most suitable for you.

Visual Superb effects for video

After the connection is complete, here are the overlay effects for the entire video image. Over 1000 effects are included in this collection. Allow yourself to stroll through a starry sky or through snow. Additionally, you can convert a sunny sky to a night sky or apply stunning color tones to your entire film. Simply touch the desired effect and your entire movie will be transformed.

Vinkle’s effects library will be organized into categories based on themes such as festival, season, color tone, and various film genres. With only one option, you can easily preview your movie with applied effects and then choose whether to keep them or not. To conclude, simply hit OK or Cancel. And these collections of effects or templates are updated on a daily basis by the developer community and Vinkle community. Therefore, all you have to do is join the community (you must be a Premium member) and you will be transported to a world of magnificent rich colors.

Blur the background of the photo

Naturally, we do not always have dreamlike imagery set against a lovely, creative backdrop. Thus, using a photo video tool like Vinkle, blurring the background is critical.

Vinkle’s function is pretty powerful, in my opinion. And, perhaps most significantly, everything is automated; there is no need to handle fine details or integrate several details. Simply select the image to isolate it from its background and click the feature button. Done!

Following the blurring of the background, you must select a new one. Vinkle also includes a selection of backgrounds that correspond to the topics mentioned previously in the Effect video gallery. You only need to make a choice; Vinkle will take care of the rest.

You can also try other apps like VivaVideo.

Select music and audio for video

Finally, select music and sound effects for the video’s background. Do you believe that this is simply a matter of selecting a music from beginning to end? Vinkle, on the other hand, is far more perceptive and meticulous.

Vinkle’s background music feature set enables you to accomplish a variety of tasks that would often be reserved for specialized filmmaking tools, including the following:

  • To incorporate music into your video, choose a segment from Vinkle’s collection of over 500 tracks.
  • Using sound as background noise enhances the reality and specialness of transitions.
  • Adjust the volume and fade effects for the video’s soundtrack. You can begin the video with low-loud music and gradually increase the volume as the film progresses, and then gradually decrease the volume at the conclusion. This is a premium feature that I rarely see in mobile video production software.
  • Alternatively, you can dub your films using a variety of audio tracks and the Vinkle-built music connection effects. This feature is also unavailable in any video editor, particularly in little programs like Vinkle.

Finally, the video export stage

To create a video on your PC, regardless of its length, you must also complete a number of procedures, beginning with selecting the file format, size, and parameters. Significant effort and memory are required. However, in Vinkle, once you’ve created a movie from an image, all you have to do is click export and specify a destination for the file. This concludes our discussion.
You can either store the video to your phone or tablet or export it and immediately share it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

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With a set of professional features, easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to access, I’m not surprised to know that Vinkle is a name already in the list of the top 10 best video maker apps in the world. You should try it, a simple app with beautiful video and cool effects. Download Vinkle right here!

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