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Version 5.3.3
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Introduce about U-DictionaryTranslates all languages in the worldAt the moment, this program is available in 58 languages globally. Text can be translated into any language, incl...
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Introduce about U-Dictionary

Translates all languages in the world

At the moment, this program is available in 58 languages globally. Text can be translated into any language, including English, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. Simply choose the source language of the text you’ve entered, followed by the target language, and you’ll see results very instantly. Translations are also incredibly clever and near to the user when using artificial intelligence systems. As a result, you no longer need to be concerned if you travel or conduct business in another country. If you’re in an Italian cafe and want to order a coffee, translate the inquiry into your native language and tap the microphone icon to have this app assist you in communicating with the waiter.


With the U-Dictionary compiler, you can effortlessly look up terms. The application will display the whole results for the word you just translated, including the word’s definition and its usage in the phrase. Of course, words and phrases do not have a fixed meaning; they can take on several meanings depending on the context of the sentence. As a result, you can help improve the quality of translation by providing and evaluating translations, so assisting the application in producing more results that meet the user’s wishes.

Allows to use offline

Additionally, using the developer’s dictionary system, you may translate documents and texts even when your smartphone is not connected to the internet. You may learn foreign languages at any time and from any location, without being overly reliant on the strength of your internet connection. Naturally, the results while translating offline are limited in variety, and the program does not even identify some uncommon terms.

Additionally, iTranslate is an Android translation tool with a slew of advanced capabilities.

Translate text in pictures

Have you noticed the perplexing text on a billboard? You don’t want to re-enter the text since it’s too time-consuming or the letter isn’t Latin. Not to worry; U-Dictionary makes it simple. Take a photo using the camera icon and wait for the program to evaluate the data. The application will automatically detach the text from the image, identify the text’s language, and return the most relevant results.

To utilize this function, you must grant the app permission to use your device’s camera. Keep in mind that you should use high-quality photographs, as a fuzzy image can impair the application’s recognized capacity, resulting in incorrect results.

The U-Dictionary can recognize voice

Naturally, this is a necessary component of a translation tool for cellphones. This option is also available in iTranslate and Google Translate. Simply talk in order for the software to recognize your voice and then translate it into the desired language. Of course, you must also enunciate in a manner consistent with that of native speakers if you want the application to recognize you appropriately. Additionally, this feature is an excellent tool for practicing pronunciation when learning a foreign language. Additionally, you may find the pronunciation of each word if you come across a lengthy and difficult word.

If you wish to communicate with a foreign buddy, either in person or online, U-Dictionary can act as your translator. Simply talk into this app, record the translation, and share it to your pals to overcome all language barriers.

Correct errors in text and chats

After installing U-Dictionary, anytime you produce a text or speak with friends on social media, the application will immediately highlight errors. I prevent making stupid mistakes while communicating with pals as a result of this software, avoiding unneeded misunderstandings. U-Dictionary functions similarly to a language teacher, assisting you in learning and improving your language skills at any time and from any location.

You can also try other apps like Google Translate and Translate Box.

MOD APK version of U-Dictionary

MOD feature

VIP Unlocked: All VIP features are unlocked.

Download U-Dictionary MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New U-Dictionary

The new version 5.0 U-Dictionary is now your wonderful learning partner.1. Answer to Win: Let us study and win!2. Brand New Design: Tidier and fresher.3. Must Know Expressions: New learning section to quickly master a new language following the audio and practice!

This app is your best friend in every language exam. Thanks to U-Dictionary, you can check the meaning of a word, its pronunciation and its usage easily and effectively. You can even save difficult words for you to look up later.

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