Truck Simulator : Ultimate

Truck Simulator : Ultimate

Zuuks Games
Name Truck Simulator : Ultimate
Package com.zuuks.truck.simulator.ultimate
Publisher Zuuks Games
Category Simulation
Version 1.1.8
Size 793M
Requires Android 5.0
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Introduce about Truck Simulator : UltimateOpen a transportation business and personally operate dozens of large trucksBackgroundOn all gaming platforms, simulation games are wi...
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Introduce about Truck Simulator : Ultimate

Open a transportation business and personally operate dozens of large trucks


On all gaming platforms, simulation games are winning the confidence of more and more players. Some of these games even feature sandbox modes because to the fact that the 3D experience in them is typically fairly well-executed. And while playing them, you can do things you never could have in real life. Such as when operating a large vehicle.

Truck Simulator: Ultimate is more unique than any other driving simulation game I’ve played. This is the first time that the Simulation and Tycoon genres have been combined in a game in a natural way. You will play the part of an experienced truck driver. You open a business, hire staff, and grow the enterprise. And gradually, you’ve led your company to become the world’s largest logistics company, the King of Trucks, with hundreds of trucks traversing the country every day.

You will not just drive a regular truck, but much more

Not your typical vehicle choosing screen at the beginning. You will select the country in which you will establish your business. Among these nations are the United States, China, Canada, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, Korea, Japan, Brazil, and Azerbaijan. Now, can you guess what will transpire later based on this country selection? Well. Let me inform you. Choosing a country in which to establish a business will determine your travel routes till the business expands into additional nations.

Initially, only one driver and one truck will be employed by the business. Conquer a multitude of difficult courses and transport a range of items in over 100 distinct cities. You will receive a reward after completing each activity. The charge is more if the package is more cumbersome and complicated, if the distance is greater, and if the request time is shorter.

Once you have collected sufficient funds and increased the number of potential clients, you will begin purchasing more vehicles, recruiting more drivers, salespeople, and eventually a talent manager. Construct your truck fleet with a selection of specialized vehicles to meet the needs of all customers. With fair salaries, recruit drivers and employees. Choose which vehicle to purchase first, followed by the other. And determine the office and warehouse renovation strategies. You have complete autonomy over the decisions. So, around 60 percent of your time in Truck Simulator: Ultimate is spent driving, while the remaining 40 percent is spent making financial decisions. For those of you who enjoy driving, this is a challenge. Moreover, it is a characteristic of this game that is equally fascinating.

Talking numbers

People frequently state, “Quantity and quality do not equate.” However, things are a bit different in the game world. Occasionally, the statistics demonstrate the manufacturer’s richness and passion for investing. Truck Simulator: Ultimate demonstrates this at least. This game includes over 32 distinct types of current American and European trucks. In addition to the market for new trucks, the market for used trucks is similarly impressive. Each car you see, select, or use is detailed and configurable, including lights, bumpers, horns, and cockpit lighting. On the journey, you will pass through a number of major cities, and both sides of the road will be lined with stunning natural landscape. Any admirer of driving art will be delighted with this discovery.

High simulation

The 3D graphics and sound in Truck Simulator: Ultimate are neither exceptional nor flawless, but the simulation is incredibly realistic. Once you enter the cockpit, you will see many buttons and control levers with intricate details, just like a real truck.

You are able to choose any vantage point along the route for the most comprehensive view. When connecting the trailer to the packages, visibility from above is available. When traveling on a highway, the rear-front perspective affords you a breathtaking view. When staring straight at the dashboard and pressing controls using one’s own hands, a first-person perspective is displayed. It is also one of the things that contribute to this game’s excellent simulation.

There is a further feature that is also rather good. There are stations along the route where drivers can order meals, dine, and rest after the truck arrives at its destination. Also audible at this time is the driver’s chewing noise. I was genuinely stunned for several seconds. Occasionally, such a detail can be a minor item that surprises you and allows you to admire the game forever.

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MOD APK version of Truck Simulator : Ultimate

MOD feature

Free Ads

Download Truck Simulator : Ultimate APK & MOD for Android

This game is an exciting truck driving simulation game, blending the form of Tycoon into Simulator. You will both drive and experience the business of the best transport company in the country. If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

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