Name Township
Package com.playrix.township
Publisher Playrix
Category Casual
Version 9.1.1
Size 137M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Introduce about TownshipMany people, after a long day of work, seek simple titles for enjoyment rather than fast-paced games such as shooting or role-playing. There are currently a variety ...
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Introduce about Township

Many people, after a long day of work, seek simple titles for enjoyment rather than fast-paced games such as shooting or role-playing. There are currently a variety of amusement games, but farm games remain the most popular option for the majority of players. Because the game simulates the quiet life of a farmer, including his daily tasks.

Today, we investigate Township, a game in which you must not only perform the tasks of a real farmer, but also construct, manage, and create your own community.

Build your dream town

In addition to Hay Day, the town management game Township has been downloaded over fifty million times through Google Play. The first day you visit the town, you will be briefed on simple activities such as plowing the soil to cultivate the first rice or feeding the cows. Your plants will develop and mature over time, allowing you to harvest and sell them for profit. You will continue to generate agricultural goods in this manner and eventually expand your farm.

After each harvest, you’ll get experience to increase your level, then unlock new crops and livestock. You can earn money by selling agricultural products. In addition, there is a more efficient method, such as constructing a factory to manufacture bread for sale at a bigger profit margin.

This game is a pleasure for all animal lovers. The township is filled with beautiful creatures that you can feed on your farm. You can chose egg-laying animals such as chickens and geese, dairy animals such as cows and goats, and even domesticated animals such as dogs and cats as pets. When growing animals, it is necessary to provide care and feed them on a regular basis; otherwise, they will become ill and possibly die.

Upgrade the warehouse

It is essential for a large farm to have a storage facility for agricultural products. Township initially provides you with a warehouse with limited square footage. Therefore, it is necessary to improve, but this is a difficult task due to the shortage of the required materials. Raw materials to improve the warehouse will drop at random during harvesting, production, etc., so the construction of the warehouse is occasionally dependent on chance. The game allows you to trade materials with other players, therefore I encourage you to communicate with your fellow players to obtain the supplies you need.

Decorate the town

In Township, you are the mayor of a town, not just a farm manager. So, your mission is to manage, construct, and develop this community. You must care about the well-being of your residents, allowing your city to flourish as its population increases.

You can contribute to the happiness of others by building amusements such as zoos, restaurants, movie theaters, and museums. You may also decorate your city with works such as the Big Ben clock, the Eiffel Tower, and the Statue of Liberty to make it resemble global metropolises… I’m aware that all players want their towns to be more attractive, but if you don’t want to go bankrupt, you should concentrate on establishing farms before purchasing early decorations.


Township uses both gold and dollars as its currency. Gold is the most valuable resource in the game, which you obtain through producing and selling goods. You can also earn a substantial sum of gold by completing the game’s missions. Gold is used to acquire new plant types and construct new structures. Significant amounts of dollars are used to accelerate production or acquire specialized equipment. Only a few minutes are required for harvesting in the game. If you do not wish to wait the 15 minutes to 1 hour required for manufacture and building, you can use a dollar to do the task quickly.

Beautiful graphics

Your city is recreated with gorgeous 3D graphics and vivid hues. Township’s visuals are so adorable and welcoming to the player that they evoke a sense of closeness and tranquility. If you enjoy farm games, this game will provide you with the most enjoyable and relaxing experience.

You can also try other apps like Farm Bay.

MOD APK version of Township will help you richer

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: The money will increase when you use.

Be care full

You may be Ban when using the MOD version. This is a serious warning, and you should be care full.

Download Township MOD APK for Android

One friend invited me to play this game through Facebook and it was great, I was totally fascinated by it. Township is a fun, easy-to-play farm game and has lots of fun to explore. Moreover, this game is free for two Android and iOS operating systems, you can download the game via the links below.

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