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Name Townscaper
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Version 1.02
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Introduce about TownscaperA remarkable Mediterranean city and a "Inception"-inspired dream!Occasionally, you desire an unusual game. Or, if you simply appreciate magnificent architectur...
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Introduce about Townscaper

A remarkable Mediterranean city and a “Inception”-inspired dream!

Occasionally, you desire an unusual game. Or, if you simply appreciate magnificent architecture and flying freedom, let’s play Townscaper! I guarantee that playing this game will fill you with pleasure.

I don’t typically engage in this type of relaxing activity. However, I discovered it by chance one day. This game’s excessive acclaim has grabbed my attention. So I download it and evaluate it. I still keep it on my mobile device. I always play it for around twenty minutes to relax my mind and mood whenever they are confused or disturbed.

Playing a game without any “games”, how does it feel?

On an ancient island with an infinite number of winding lanes, Townscaper gives you the flexibility to construct large and tiny communities according to your skill level. It is so detailed that you can see every small hamlet, the soaring cathedral, the intricate network of canals, and the big castle reflected in the lake.
In contrast to typical video games, there is always a work to complete, regardless of the game’s genre. There are no jobs throughout the entire game of Townscaper.

While all of the games I’ve played thus far belong to a particular genre. If not role-playing, then adventure, platform, cards, and turn-based. However, Townscaper does not fit any gameplay or genre description.

In summary, there are no jobs, requirements, directions, rules, or games in Townscaper. In this game, you have complete freedom to do whatever you like.

What you feel in the game will be Inspiration and Experience

On an island surrounded by uncontrolled water in the shape of a big convex sphere, only blue and green can be seen. You will be the creator, constructing each element of your city using your ideas.

Contact the screen. Choose the Grid option on the right to view the grid cells that split the island into numerous irregular blocks. Choose the color on the left side of the screen. When you move and let go of a block, an instant structure will appear there. You only need to aim and select a color; Townscaper’s wonderful intelligent algorithm will randomly transform the selected block into a cute house, a little dome, a stairway, an overpass, or a Green backyard. The only determinant is the shape of the location’s background; the rest is determined by the system.

For instance, if a hole is left in the centre of a house during construction, it naturally becomes a skylight for children. Or, if an entire street is constructed and a square is left, a magnificent square can be created.

Experiencing the peaceful construction process and periodically look back at each street and every small part of the city is when you realize how much sadness has left your heart. Like the calm water in the game, only positive energy maintains a sense of stability and serenity. Not only is this an Experience, but it’s also an Inspirational Journey.

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You have an amazingly detailed city

Whether your city is little or vast, colored or monochromatic, it is a genuine Mediterranean coastal complex. Do not believe that the city is constructed in this manner; rather, consider that it is merely superficial. The beauty of the game is that everything that is generated is incredibly random, but each element is extraordinarily rich. A residence has just appeared, and if you zoom in closely, you will find that it is rendered in 3D and with great clarity and precision. If you touch the roof to continue building, the pigeons will flap their wings and take flight. Detailing in Townscaper is not a joke.

And you must envision every tiny detail of the large city you’re attempting to create in such precise detail. Each location has own characteristics, objects, and physical configurations. I admire the creator for creating this independent video game (rumor has it that it’s just one person, not a team; the designer must be incredibly brilliant to develop such a memorable game).

In this game, there are no limitations. Your city remains constant regardless of what you do with variants. Having constructed and reconstructed numerous times in this game, I am aware of this fact. Begin with the little buildings on each tile when beginning. Then, connect them to construct rows of streets and successive blocks of buildings, which is said to create a uniform backdrop for the metropolis. This stage is crucial, since even though there are no instructions or warnings, the background is so weak and flimsy that your gigantic city will inevitably collapse and plummet to the bottom of the ocean sooner or later.

When the foundation is strong, begin to raise, extend, and develop works of architectural distinction such as castles, temples, etc. At this stage of the update, use your imagination to guide you. You continue to explore any odd nooks and corners, even attempting to build something in locations you wouldn’t ordinarily consider. Then, find out what Townscaper can do for you. Every time this occurs, a sense of expectancy, curiosity, and thrill is experienced. And the outcomes always induce me to cry.

Positive Energy, Inspiring Creativity, Freedom to Fly, Graphics, and Ideas are how I would evaluate this game according to the score bars. I will give all of them a rating of Superb. It’s been a long time since a game was as light as the breeze, yet this one evoked such a strong sense of nostalgia that it was downloaded and kept for repeated play. Thank you, life, for the amazing moments you’ve given me.

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Remember to play the game with a hot cup of coffee. Watching the city drift through the fragrant smoke and imagining walking into it, you will feel like in the movie “Inception”.

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