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Name TouchRetouch
Package com.advasoft.touchretouch
Publisher Adva Soft
Category Photos & Videos
Version 4.4.17
Size 15M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlocked
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About TouchRetouchAlthough ADVA Soft's photography software retails for $ 1.99, you may download it for free using the APK file provided below. Before that, let's learn about TouchRetouch ...
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About TouchRetouch

Although ADVA Soft’s photography software retails for $ 1.99, you may download it for free using the APK file provided below. Before that, let’s learn about TouchRetouch — a popular photo editing application.

ADVA Soft has introduced TouchRetouch. Since its launch, the app has accumulated approximately one million downloads on Google Play and received numerous excellent reviews. This is a very popular photo editing application that has a variety of sophisticated capabilities. It functions as a professional photo editing application.

Occasionally, you will shoot a stunning landscape photograph by chance, but an object (people, animals, or automobiles) will go lost in the frame, breaking the composition of the photograph. This program provides an answer. You are not need to hunt for and master complicated photo editing software on your PC. You may easily remove those items from the shot with a few simple actions. Nobody will be able to tell if you delete or modify details.

Simple interface

This is the readily apparent advantage of TouchRetouch. This application features an intuitive UI that is straightforward to use. Even if you lack familiarity with photo editing, you can still utilize it effectively. When you first install the app on your phone, it will walk you through a few simple steps for removing undesired things from your images. Watch these instructional movies to learn more about the application’s features.

When you first launch the application, the interface contains only two buttons: Albums and Tutorials. Tutorials demonstrate how to use and operate TouchRetouch. If you are already familiar with the interface, select Albums and navigate to your photo library. Select a photo to modify and begin using TouchRetouch’s magic.

Remove an object in the image

A feature that contributes to TouchRetouch’s global user base of millions. You may easily eliminate undesired things from your photographs by following a few simple steps. Professional photo editors frequently spend hours editing a photo using sophisticated tools, but you can do the same thing in a few simple steps.

You can delete an object using either the Brush or Lasso tools. Brushes are useful for erasing huge objects. Select Go by dragging your finger around an object. The application will then erase the object and pretend it never existed. Additionally, Lasso will black out and remove the entire item. You can change the brush stroke size to achieve a more precise blackout. If the details are too small, you can zoom in or out using the zoom in / zoom out buttons.

This feature, in my experience, does not always perform as expected. Often, you will fail to eliminate items, resulting in distorted images. You will need to practice numerous times to get the image correct.

Line removal

This is not a feature I anticipated when I installed TouchRetouch. However, once in use, it’s quite stunning. Rather than utilizing the Lasso and Brush tools I described previously, the software recognizes straight lines such as lines and wire and allows you to simply erase them. Your photographs will become significantly more artistic and gorgeous as a result. However, if your image contains a lot of colors and complicated objects, you can utilize the Segment Removal tool to identify each line segment. Following that, you can select to delete each segment.

Quick repair

If you wish to erase minor features such as acne or scars with just a brush, use Quick Repair. This program will easily and rapidly eliminate imperfections from your images.

Additionally, the Clone Stamp tool assists you in removing broken portions when an object is deleted. Additionally, this tool enables you to reposition an object within the same photo. Don’t forget to modify the object’s opacity and size before moving it. Additionally, Clone Stamp includes a Mirroring function that enables you to produce a mirror version of your photographs. This tool enables you to conceal some of the photo’s flaws, resulting in reflecting art photos. TouchRetouch is an incredibly powerful application.

TouchRetouch’s features

  • Simple to use.
  • Delete the selected object.
  • Eliminate the straight line.
  • Remove flaws.
  • Artificial items in motion include traffic signals, automobiles, and so on.
  • Before / After mode.
  • Zoom in, zoom out, undo.

Interested in learning more? Picsart MOD APK and Pixaloop Pro are available for download.

MOD APK version of TouchRetouch

MOD feature

Full Version Unlocked

Download TouchRetouch MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New TouchRetouch

In this update, we added a prompt to confirm that you really want to have the original photo replaced with an edited one, made a fix to the issue with edited photos not appearing in the gallery, and made a few other minor corrections and improvements.

Overall, TouchRetouch is a professional and powerful photo editing application. It helps you remove unwanted objects from the photo simply and quickly, but the image retains its natural appearance. It is very easy to use with everyone. You don’t need lots of photo editing experience, just a great phone and this magic app. Download TouchRetouch for free via the links below this article.

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