Touch VPN

Touch VPN

Touchvpn Inc.
Name Touch VPN
Package com.northghost.touchvpn
Publisher Touchvpn Inc.
Category Utilities
Version 2.0.6
Size 20M
Requires Android 4.2 Network required
MOD Features Elite Unlocked
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Introduce about Touch VPNTouch VPN is a cross-platform virtual private network (VPN) client developed by TouchVPN Inc. This is their initial product, which has exceeded 20 million downloads...
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Introduce about Touch VPN

Touch VPN is a cross-platform virtual private network (VPN) client developed by TouchVPN Inc. This is their initial product, which has exceeded 20 million downloads on Google Play. The creator then added another VPN application, VPN 360 – Unlimited Free VPN Proxy, to his portfolio.

Main features of Touch VPN

Quick connection with just one click

The Touch VPN application’s UI is extremely simple. You can see it in the photograph above. The Connect button is located in the screen’s center. Simply click the Connect button to begin anonymous browsing or to access a website that has been restricted. If you do not specify a server, the system will automatically connect your device to the nearest server. This function enables you to browse the web at a constant speed. This is also the reason for the application’s name, Touch VPN.

Access all websites anywhere

As you are surely aware, there are numerous websites available today that are restricted to specific areas or are blacklisted in particular countries for various reasons. However, this is quite difficult if you require access for commercial purposes. However, as long as you are using Touch VPN, this issue is resolved. This excellent tool allows you to visit all websites that have been prohibited in your location.

Protect your information from hackers

User data collected while exploring the web is critical. Numerous bad folks are constantly attempting to harm your device. You may have had data stolen, and they will use it to blackmail you. That is extremely dangerous for anyone, which is why you must protect your data while online. Touch VPN will ensure the safety and security of your data.

When you use public wifi, you leave yourself extremely susceptible to hackers gaining access to your account information and passwords. This program secures all of your data using banking-grade encryption, so you can feel confident in its capabilities. Currently, no users have raised concerns about this application’s security.

Surf the web anonymously

At times, you may need to use the web anonymously in order to avoid encountering website problems or for personal reasons. Touch VPN conceals your IP address, making anonymous browsing extremely secure.

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Other features

  • It is completely free to download and use; no account registration and no trial period is necessary.
  • There is no requirement to give account information.
  • Access without regard for session, speed, or bandwidth limitations.
  • Click Connect to gain access to all websites worldwide, including those that are restricted in your country.
  • SSL encryption technology enables you to browse the web anonymously and securely.
  • The connection method is significantly faster than that of a proxy website.
  • When not in use, Touch VPN helps conserve battery power and consumes little power when in use.
  • The server system is dispersed globally.

MOD APK version of Touch VPN

MOD feature

  • Elite Unlocked: Touted as a 100% free app, Touch VPN still offers premium features that need to be unlocked. Those are Elite features, you have to spend money to use. But with Touch VPN MOD APK, all those features are unlocked for free. You can download and experience immediately without signing up with your account.
  • This application is suitable for CPU armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64.

Download Touch VPN MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New Touch VPN

various bugfixes

Touch VPN is one of the VPNs that many users prefer. It has many impressive features and, most importantly, it’s free. The free version of this application also gives you many features that some other VPNs require a fee to use. Even experts recommend Touch VPN to ensure safe browsing.

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