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Introduce about ToomicsWith TOOMICS, you can read brand-new comics!Comics are memories and happy landWho among us has not been a comic book addict? When I was a child and had t...
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Introduce about Toomics

With TOOMICS, you can read brand-new comics!

Comics are memories and happy land

Who among us has not been a comic book addict? When I was a child and had to rent a novel to read to the conclusion, I always purchased a brand-new book, held it in my hand, smelled the scent of new paper, then turned each page and read each word. Who among us hasn’t heard of Lucky Luke, Doraemon, Conan, or Dragon Ball? Each storybook depicts not only a world of stunning shades, but also fascinating, unfathomable stories that appeal to every child’s imagination. Each page feeds a child’s soul and also serves as a lovely memory land. There will be several occasions in your future practical life when simply recalling these dream stories will cause your heart to rest and become peaceful.

Comics may help you keep your soul young, live a life filled with good memories, and approach life with positivity. Thus, rather to sit and scroll through Facebook and Instagram, I choose to immerse myself in the world of comic books.

If in the past, you had to visit a comic book store to purchase each comic to read, digital advancements have simplified the process significantly. You can download the reading app to access a variety of comics that interest you. Furthermore, Toomics is one of the best reading applications available for the iPhone.

Toomics has very rich comic books

My method of selecting a reading app is whether or not it contains a significant number of comics. Toomics currently satisfies all applicable standards. Toomics has a large and diversified selection of comic books. Whether you’re a lover of any particular comic style, you’re sure to discover some of your favorites here. Adventure Comics, Detective Comics, children’s stories about princes, fighting comics about knights, robots, space fantasy, horror comics about ghosts, DC Comics, Marvel Comics… This app allows you to read comics from any genre.

Additionally, these comic books are updated on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. What you read on Toomics is always the most up-to-date and rapid evolution of the story. When a new episode of a manga series you’re following becomes available, you’ll receive an immediate notification on your device to watch it immediately. It’s extremely convenient and up to date at all times.

Create your own list of favorite comics

Each individual has a preference for comic books. It will be challenging if you read random comics or a large number of them and your favorite is not on the most recent, most prominent list in Toomics. Toomics has introduced a Private Library option to assist customers in collecting their favorite comic books. You can save all your favorite comics here to read slowly; as new episodes become available, they will automatically update for you to continue reading. And even if you reach page 50, for example, an automatic bookmark is created so that the next time you visit the library list, the comic you are reading will continue on the same page noted.

Additionally, Toomics will utilize its own AI to learn about your interests based on the comics you choose for inclusion in this Private Library. The software will then suggest a list of comics that correspond to the user’s preferences. Again, this proposed list can be sorted chronologically to get the most recent or most updated comics. You may select from this list depending on your requirements.

You can also try other apps like WebComics.

Search by many different keywords

It’s not easy to find a favorite comic series or to have seen one and want to reread it among the large amount of comic books from all countries.
Fortunately, Toomics includes a robust tool dedicated to meeting consumers’ broad search requirements. You can conduct a search using the author’s name, a word from the series’ title, or the name of a main character who impressed you. Additionally, you can refine your search by genre, or the source of the comics.

This search feature is much more robust than those found in other comic reading applications, as it supports a variety of filtering options. For instance, you can search for comics by category “Detective” and then by character name or series origin to locate a title you’re interested in. After that, you can save it to your Library immediately. This form of search can increase the number of results while maintaining the original search.

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What's Latest New Toomics

Bug fixes and improvements.

If you love comics, let download Toomics. This amazing reading comics app will bring you a very great reading comics experience.

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