Toca Life: Vacation

Toca Life: Vacation

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Name Toca Life: Vacation
Package com.tocaboca.tocavacation
Publisher Toca Boca
Category Educational
Version 1.3-play
Size 33M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlocked Paid Content
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Introduce about Toca Life: VacationLearn about life through outingsWhat will you and your children find and do in the game?...
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Introduce about Toca Life: Vacation

Learn about life through outings

What will you and your children find and do in the game?

Toca Life: Vacation is a mobile simulation game for all ages, extremely suitable for young children. The game will lead your children to explore the world around, and experience a happy holiday. They can go to 4 places that they will experience on any outing: the airport, the hotel, the beach, and a small green town.
At each place, there are hundreds of things for children to satisfy their curiosity. Play together, watch your children’s interaction with everything in the game, you will see your little ones growing up every day. Anything familiar to you now becomes so unfamiliar to your children. Now let’s see what cool things your kids can do in each place!

At the airport, starting the trip, your kids will go through the X-ray scanner on their own, check-in at the counter, and board the plane. Well, if they want, they can visit the cockpit to watch the pilots prepare to take off. Then go back to their seats to chat with friends, have a light lunch, and enjoy the modern equipment on the flight: reading, listening to music, and watching movies…

Get some sleep and you’ll get there. Your children will go to the reception for check-in, then go to the room to have a sleep before waking up to start the walk. Any corner of the hotel is a miniature world of children. For example, at the reception, you can try on some cool hats, you can listen to music, take pictures in the yard with friends, drink juice, play ball while waiting for check-in. In the room, you can lie down to listen to music, read books, eat, and watch movies. Then you can rush to the beach, walk to the sound of the waves, watch the blue sky, play beach volleyball, eat cool ice cream, enjoy the scenery on the deck, surf, or gently, just read a book and relax on a wooden chair in front of the blue sea.

You and your baby can do whatever you like in many areas: the airport, the hotel, the beach, the nearby souvenir shops, and even a small island with many interesting things.

What will your kids learn from the colorful mini-tour?

Maybe you’re still wondering what to do with the pretty little things that are so familiar to adults. But remember your childhood, for children, every little thing here can be a great secret. Teaching children about the small details of life is the first lesson that Toca Life: Vacation brings.

You and your children just need to touch each thing and the built-in intelligent automation mechanism will help children understand what those items are meant for. For example, by touching the hat and character, the hat will automatically fly to the head. Then the child will understand that the hat is the one to cover the head from the sun. And when touching the bed in the room, the character will automatically jump on it to sleep.

The above is for children who are 2-3 years old. What about older children? They can be free to choose to do what they like and discover hundreds of small and big things around them. As a result, it can improve their ability of imagination and interaction, and logical thinking.

In this game, imagination is also an aspect that will be improved a lot for any age. Because the kids not only learn the simple around objects but also learn more profound concepts (which they have not seen in real life) such as looking at and reading information about sea ​​creatures, recording their voice diary, and creating their own vacation video with motion picture illustrations or opening the secret compartment of the ship to uncover treasures and decipher mysterious-looking statues. Every job, no matter how small or big, whether it seems silly or not, can stimulate children’s imagination, creativity, and ability to act and interact.

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MOD APK version of Toca Life: Vacation

MOD feature

Unlocked Paid Content

Download Toca Life: Vacation MOD APK for Android

Entering the game, you will simply choose a favorite character and then touch the screen to play. Any age can play this game, as long as you know how to use phones and tablets at a basic level.

The background music is gentle, cute, and sometimes exciting to stimulate the kids’ curiosity. The visuals are vivid, smooth, colorful, and witty. The character design is so cute that adults want to kiss them on the cheek, and children feel close to them as true friends. A small trip has thousands of things to explore. What are you waiting for without downloading the game to play with your children right away? There’s nothing more fun this season.

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