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TL Pro

Name TL Pro
Package com.pixelcurves.terlauncher
Publisher Pixelcurves
Category Hacking Tools
Version 1.44.12
Size 160M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features No
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Introduce about TL ProIn addition to the well-known series in the online community such as Metroid and Minecraft with the classic adventure gameplay, Terraria is also one of the possibiliti...
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Introduce about TL Pro

In addition to the well-known series in the online community such as Metroid and Minecraft with the classic adventure gameplay, Terraria is also one of the possibilities not to be overlooked. Initially, this wonderful game was only accessible for the PC version, but owing to the unexpected popularity, the two titans RakNet and CodeGlue decided to develop a mobile version. Immediately after its launch, it has acquired a significant number of admirers and is considered one of the tops paid games on Google Play.

If you’re a Terraria fan, you probably know that collecting resources is one of the most vital. Without enough resources, you cannot travel, adventure or build anything. Besides, obtaining resources is pretty difficult. When joining the game, players are offered simply a hoe or axe to go to cut trees and damage the forest. Players will have to spend quite some time to amass resources for themselves before wishing to accomplish other things. But with the TL Pro application we introduced, players will not need to worry about this anymore. This program is like an energy pill, boosting strength to gamers swiftly, especially beginner players who want to explore faster.

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What is TL Pro?

Understandably, TL Pro is a cheat tool for Terraria. It enables you create resources, money, enable/disable endless health, energy and stamina. You need it if you want to explore the huge universe of the game without having to worry about your resources and viability.

Features of TL Pro

After downloading Terraria, gamers must install and activate the APK version of TL Pro. You will obtain a large number of resources without spending an excessive amount of time collecting them. As a result, tasks such as building a wall, weapons, clothing, and vehicles, or even a community, can be completed rapidly. When nightfall arrives, monsters and zombies are on the prowl. Although they are extremely powerful, players can confront and defeat them using the benefits received by cheating.

After downloading TL Pro, players will also obtain a library of pre-built costumes. The majority of costumes are available, ranging from ordinary to legendary items such as the Ancient Gold Helmet and Ancient Shadow Armor. They are not only visually appealing, but also aid in the development of the player’s character’s fighting ability.

Cheat menu

TL Pro includes a cheat menu that enables/disables cheat functionality. This enables ease, since players can opt to cheat using a single cheat mode rather than utilizing all of the application’s functions. Infinite Health, Infinite Mana, and Infinite Fight are all popular cheat features. You may also toggle Ghost Mode on/off to make yourself invisible to foes. Players will no longer have to worry about being harassed while constructing a structure. If you do not wish to cheat, you can disable the Cheat board and play Terraria in its original state.

However, the application does have one little drawback: this cheat menu is only available in single-player mode. When you’re in multiplayer mode, it’s completely useless.

If you dislike the style of the original Terraria map, TL Pro will also address this issue. It enables you to download and replace third-party packages (textures, characters, and maps). If you desire a more original and personalized look for the game, do not hesitate to select a separate package for you.

Professional interface

Additionally, developers strive for a straightforward, concise interface that does not detract too much from the original game’s UI. TL Pro’s UI is constructed in an unusual block manner. The menu features are intuitive and well designed. They may be compacted when not in use, or accessed by swiping up on the screen. This enables players to quickly browse to the categories necessary for cheating on weapons, mana, summoning bots, and crafting things.

Download TL Pro APK for Android

What's Latest New TL Pro

- New theme (Autumn comes, new themes come too, that's the law!)- Fixed mods creation for changed items' properties (let's make it work again!)- Struct properties support in mods (slowly but steady adding features to mods)

TL Pro is a great application, it saves time and makes it easier for gamers (especially new gamers) to access and completed game. However, I think you should not overdo this app, because it will make the game lose the fun of discovery. To use the great features that TL Pro provides, players will have to pay to download from Google Play. Although it is not too expensive, if you have problems paying, please download the free version of TL Pro APK at our website.

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