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Name tinyCam PRO
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Version 15.3
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Introduce about tinyCam PROControl any camera from any location at any time!What is tinyCam PRO?tinyCam PRO is an Android application ...
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Introduce about tinyCam PRO

Control any camera from any location at any time!

What is tinyCam PRO?

tinyCam PRO is an Android application that enables remote monitoring and control of cameras. Therefore, you can observe every area at any time and from any location. Monitoring these locations does not usually require a computer or laptop.

Special features of tinyCam PRO

There are numerous applications with this feature. However, tinyCam PRO is the only program that can enable both in-app and on-camera motion detection. It then automatically takes a photograph or sends an audible alarm to the user. This feature enables you to be proactively aware of what’s happening in the camera’s field of view by sending alert notifications to your phone.

Due to its powerful AI integration, tinyCam PRO is also highly adept at recognising faces. You only need to install the facial recognition mode to launch the application; from then on, you can simply launch the app to use it.

If your home or business employs many CCTV cameras concurrently and is connected to tinyCam PRO. tinyCam PRO will then aggressively scan the LAN to identify these cameras. The process of recognizing and remembering a barcode for the first time takes a few minutes. If the number and camera location remain the same the next time, the movement will be accelerated.

If the Camera catches accurate images and noises, you can concurrently modify the level of each camera for a more versatile sound. Some camera types are supported by the app’s two-way audio functionality. Therefore, when you speak into the program via your phone, the person on the other side of the camera can hear you, and vice versa. So magical huh?

tinyCam PRO also supports temperature, humidity, and other sensors for certain camera models. And it will send a notification to make the necessary modifications, extending the camera’s lifespan.

tinyCam PRO additionally offers Widget, floating windows, and rapid camera shortcuts on the main screen. It is compatible with Tasker/Locale automation and Android smart devices such as watches, glasses, and TV interfaces…

The world of observation gathered at your fingertips

It is no longer peculiar to use a camera for surveillance and tracking. In a range of locations, including houses, stores, offices, headquarters, schools, and public areas, high-quality cameras have been installed. They are a gadget used to monitor and record suspicious movements and criminals. And the crooks can use them as evidence.

It is unnecessary to elaborate on the benefits of placing a camera. Everybody knows. Most cameras are connected to PCs or laptops. However, not everyone can remain in their home or store 24 hours a day, seven days a week in order to observe every action. Therefore, it is vital to have an application that allows users to watch the camera’s progress directly on their mobile device or tablet, so that they can do so at any time and in any location.

tinyCam PRO is such an app. And, as evidence of its adaptability, the application has delivered remarkable compatibility. Users can view all digital video on a private network, public network, IP camera, video encoders, or DVRs… This program can utilize 3G, 4G, and WiFi.

Easy-to-see interface, focusing on the camera frame

The tinyCam PRO application’s interface is extremely simple and user-friendly, with no complex features. This is beneficial for consumers of all ages. tinyCam PRO allows you to see icons/notes and do basic operations even if your vision is impaired.

Zoom in, zoom out, rewind, stop, click through, and adjust the volume of all cameras are positioned in excellent positions on the interface. Even low-tech individuals can alter it.

tinyCam PRO includes a total of 17 unique layouts with unlimited camera tracking. You are at liberty to manage and monitor the camera.

View and record moving and still images with ease

Among the many wonderful features of tinyCam PRO, I enjoy the ability to Record video as MP4. It can be stored directly on the phone’s memory or SD card and is compatible with Android versions 4.3 and higher. Or, if you do not want video, you can capture photographs as JPG on local storage, FTP/FTPS servers, or in the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive, Amazon Drive).

Moreover, tinyCam PRO includes a sequence mode. Without user configuration, the App will automatically switch between cameras. This feature will allow you to view each camera sequentially without becoming confused or overwhelmed.

You can also try other apps like CamScanner, SD Maid Pro and ZArchiver.

TinyCam PRO high compatibility and specification set

tinyCam PRO is also equipped with a variety of other remarkable features in addition to the ones listed above. The objective is to maximize the compatibility and application of tinyCam PRO. Among these characteristics are:

  • Provides H.264 codec, supported for Foscam and Amcrest HD versions.
  • Provides MPEG-4/H.264/H.265 codec (SW and HW) for multiple cameras via RTSP protocol.
  • Supports ONVIF Profile S 10,000+ camera including cheap Chinese IP cameras.
  • Provides M-JPEG, supported for all camera vendors.
  • Supports 2-way audio (speak and listen) for some cameras.
  • Supports SSL (HTTPS protocol) for security monitoring.
  • Provides PTZ control (pan-tilt-zoom) for supported devices.
  • Supports any USB/laptop webcam via 3rd party software for PC/Mac.
  • Records background and automatically deletes old recordings.

Download tinyCam PRO APK free for Android

What's Latest New tinyCam PRO

Version 15.2.6:- Fixed export/import cameras from local storage for Android 11 and above.

A single word to say about tinyCam PRO: Great! If you want to keep an eye on everything that’s happening at any place and any time, you should download tinyCam PRO to your phone right away. Everything is now controlled through your hand. Too convenient!

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