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Introduce about TickTickWhat is TickTick?You know, there are numerous things that cause us concern on a daily basis. Our hectic lives and jobs cause us to lose sight of some impo...
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Introduce about TickTick

What is TickTick?

You know, there are numerous things that cause us concern on a daily basis. Our hectic lives and jobs cause us to lose sight of some important aspects of life. Your girlfriend will be quite unhappy if you miss the evening date, or if you lose a key customer due to forgetting the date for a new project discussion. Of course, none of this can happen unless you understand how to manage and arrange everyday tasks. TickTick will assist you in accomplishing this.

TickTick acts as a personal assistant, always monitoring daily tasks and notifying you at the predefined time. This app is part of the Google Play productivity category and was built by Appest with the goal of assisting individuals in managing their time and work effectively. When you check off a task, it indicates that you have done it. This is also the reason for the application’s name, TickTick.

TickTick helps you to manage tasks effectively

So, how do you use this application? Before beginning a new day or going to bed, you should open TickTick and store any critical chores that need to be completed the following day. If you don’t want to miss an important appointment, you should set a timer to alert you. This app functions similarly to Notes on Android phones, but adds other features to help you organize your duties more effectively.

Each day, you should review your list to determine how many things you performed. According to science, marking off accomplished tasks acts as a reward for the brain. You’ll have increased inspiration and passion to do a better job.

Not just work

Not only does TickTick help you manage chores and notes, but also assists you in balancing the rhythm of your activities, managing your time and daily routine. Enable Habit on the Tab Bar. Return to the main screen and select Habit to finish your daily plan, which may include waking up at 6 a.m., exercising for 20 minutes, and having breakfast at 7 a.m.

Calendar interface

If the conventional note interface on dreary paper sheets bores you, you’ll be instantly fascinated with TickTick’s scientifically engineered interface. This program displays a calendar-like screen identical to the one found on the phone. You choose each day and add tasks by touching the plus sign in the corner.

You can also try other apps like To-Do List and Any.do.

Some outstanding features of TickTick


Distraction is the workaholic’s worst enemy. Open Focus mode if you’re continuously distracted by social media or what’s going on around you. On the application’s screen, a countdown Pomo timer is displayed. You should concentrate on completing the task in a short time of roughly 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, take a few moments to relax and refocus.


Creating a precise plan for your new day will assist you in leading a scientific and healthy lifestyle. TickTick enables you to conveniently manage your time and daily duties, including the seemingly insignificant ones such as waking up, having breakfast, and exercising. Establish a healthy habit, such as meditation, reading, or exercise, to help you maintain your health and attention.

Organize your tasks by day

TickTick’s calendar UI makes it simple to manage tasks and time. The application enables you to avoid missing any critical tasks.

Share task list

If you’re a manager with multiple jobs to do for a group of individuals, you can create and share tasks with them. TickTick enables you to collaborate with up to 29 individuals.


You can contact the developer with questions or recommendations concerning the application. They are constantly available to assist and answer to users quickly, as TickTick is always user-centric.

MOD APK version of TickTick

MOD features

  • Premium Unlocked: Premium features are all unlocked.
  • No Ads
  • Unwanted Permissions Removed

How to use

Login is required to use

What’s more in TickTick Premium?

Here are some of the advanced features you pay for the Premium version:

  • Choose a theme for the application, with a lot of beautiful themes.
  • Sort by grid (the best compared to other time management apps).
  • Add 5 reminders for each task.
  • Manage up to 299 lists.
  • Share tasks for up to 29 members.
  • No advertising.

Download TickTick MOD APK for Android

A lot of users are impressed by what TickTick has done for them. I often live in a lax, losing control of time. That unhealthy lifestyle has affected my health, work performance and relationships a lot. But after using this app, things gradually went into orbit, and my life got better.

What's Latest New TickTick

- The Eisenhower Matrix supports setting a custom time period: you can set the “urgent and important” time to “the previous 7th day ~ tomorrow”.- The Eisenhower Matrix Widget is also available now.- The Eisenhower Matrix support to hide completed tasks.- Tasks can be draggable in the list sorted by tag.

Build a habit of recording important tasks to complete each day and try to stick to the plan you have prepared. Although you may not complete 100% all tasks, over time you will see your quality of life and productivity improve.

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