App Name Tezza
Publisher Tezza
Genre Apps
Size 96.1MB
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Update August 30, 2021

The photo editing app is one of the most downloaded apps on the app store to use. The main reason is that the social network is growing, and many people regularly post photos on social networks to share with others. Once we post pictures on social media, there’s a problem: everyone wants to get the best picture to post. So a lot of people download photo editing apps to use for their photo or video editing. But where is the best tool to support users? That application is Tezza – a photo and video editing application, one of the most popular applications. The features that this app gives users enough for you to be able to create a great photo or video.

Use for both video and photo
There are many editing applications on the market for players to choose from, but they can only edit photos or videos. If you want to do both, you have to download more than two to use. But this app is not; this is a combination of both videos and photos for users to use. Users do not need to download too many applications; just download a single app to work on both. It is very convenient for those who often edit photos and videos can use. Because you only need to download one app, it will save a lot of memory to use for many other things.
Image and video editing tools
The app wants to make users’ edits faster; it combines two types of tools into one but applies to both. This app gives players a very powerful set of editing tools, with almost all the tools needed for the user to use. This application is not a professional application, so it is not possible to have all the tools, but only ordinary things. But from these common things, users are still enough to make the photos much more special.

Presets vary
not everyone has too much time to edit their images and videos because it will take a lot of time to complete. So to save time for users, this application gives presets for users to use. All of them are pre-edited, and users only need to choose what they need to use. Currently, the app has 19 different presets for users to choose from. With one touch, the app can quickly complete the work of the user. You will save a lot of time to do other things more useful.
Rich effects
This application will also give users a lot of interesting effects for users to select. The one thing all of them have in common is that they offer a classic color to the user. When users use these effects, your image is like bringing the past colors to the player. Users’ photos will become unique with a combination of classical and modern to create great work.