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Version 3.02
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Introduce about Temp MailNowadays, email services are heavily utilized in both professional and personal life. Additionally, you contact and talk with other people on a daily basis via the ...
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Introduce about Temp Mail

Nowadays, email services are heavily utilized in both professional and personal life. Additionally, you contact and talk with other people on a daily basis via the email system. However, certain employment requirements require you to constantly create new email addresses and appear to use them only a few times. If you have to create an account manually, it will take a significant amount of time and effort, which will impact your productivity. Temp Mail is the answer. The application enables you to produce emails without requiring them to be verified. Additionally, your identity is entirely concealed, and you will not receive unwanted spam emails.

Application that helps you to create temporary emails

As previously said, Temp Mail is an application that enables the generation of temporary emails. The term “temporary” refers to the ease with which you can create email accounts and then remove them and their associated data with a single click.

How can I set up a temporary email address? All that is required is to launch the Temp Mail application. You will be given access to an account with a random address. If you’re using the free version, the email address is generated at random. If you upgrade to the paid version, you can customize the email address.

Alternatively, you can simply click the “change” option to erase the old temporary email and establish a new one. The previous email address will be erased. Naturally, data, attachments, old mailboxes, and any other associated information will be erased as well. This is a quick process that does not require any verification.

However, it is important to keep in mind that deleted emails cannot be recovered. Additionally, if you’re using the free edition, you can only delete and generate a limited number of new emails every day.

Should you use Temp Mail?

Why would we want to avoid using Temp Mail when it offers so many perks and services? Temp Mail assists users in maintaining their anonymity by deleting and swiftly creating new emails for individuals who wish to remain anonymous when communicating with friends and customers.
Temp Mail temporary emails provide the same functions as regular emails, such as those sent via Google Mail or Microsoft Mail. With Temp Mail, you can receive files, view them directly, or download them to your device.

Additionally, the app allows you to adjust notification settings. You can enable notifications when a message is received and respond instantly to your spouse.
Additionally, Temp Mail is well regarded for its capacity to filter emails. You will no longer have to cope with an abundance of marketing emails or spam. Prior to being delivered to your mailbox, all e-mails are screened and controlled. As a consequence, you will save time and avoid scams.

What’s more in the premium version of Temp Mail?

The free edition of Temp Mail should enough for the majority of users. However, for those who frequently use temporary email and wish to take use of premium features for greater convenience, the developer offers a subscription version. The premium package, in particular, includes the following services:

  • Custom Email Name: the prefix preceding the @ sign is customizable. Of course, the email must be sent in a manner that does not conflict with any other email.
  • Premium Domains: Rather than purchasing individual domains, you can personalize the domain name with special names.
  • Automatically complete forms.
  • Large email storage capacity: the free version has a restricted amount of storage. As a result, you may miss emails with critical attachments.
  • No ads: advertisements are fully gone. You can generate an unlimited number of fresh emails without seeing any advertisement films.

Temp Mail provides a three-day free trial. Naturally, this trial process includes identification verification and a form of payment. Premium plans are available in three different lengths: one week, one month, or three months. They are accordingly priced at $ 3.21, $ 8.68, and $ 21.43. The longer you renew, the greater the incentives.

You can also try other apps like Do It Later and Email Aqua Mail.

MOD APK version of Temp Mail

MOD feature

No Ads

Download Temp Mail MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New Temp Mail

Autofill option for free users, Premium and private domains improvements, UI/UX changes, better ads, bug fixes and much more

Temporary email creation service is growing due to business needs or personal information security issues. If you are a person who has faced problems with spam or excessive marketing, you will need Temp Mail. Download the application to use the services now!

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