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Introduce about TapScannerSimply pick up your phone and scan; it's that simple!Why do you need to scan documents?Numerous items must be stored. And, of course, online storage i...
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Introduce about TapScanner

Simply pick up your phone and scan; it’s that simple!

Why do you need to scan documents?

Numerous items must be stored. And, of course, online storage is far superior to the traditional hard copy method in terms of efficiency, speed, and ease of sharing. You may be wondering why you should not simply photograph the paperwork. A photograph is not a substitute for a scanned image; the primary reason is that a scanned image will always have a formal, serious, and standard appearance that no matter how carefully or expertly you take photographs, you will never achieve. It is dependable and offers the ideal document template structure for vouchers, receipts, and invoices.

Previously, we could only scan documents using a scanner, and not everyone was familiar with how to use this machine. When I was at school, every time I needed to scan a form or document, I had to rush to the back of the building, to the neighboring copier store, and wait around 30 minutes for my turn. After graduating from high school and beginning employment, you’ll see that the office is quite large, but the scanner is only available in the design room. I have to go to the design room every time I want to scan. As a result, scanning documents is a time-consuming and exhausting process for me. At the moment, I wished my phone had a scanner.

Then I am aware of TapScanner. Now, if I need to scan something for work, I simply launch the app and perform the task; I am not need to leave the app. It’s quite convenient, isn’t it?

What is TapScanner?

TapScanner is an application that scans documents with your phone camera and saves them as high-quality PDF files, convenient for storing and sharing documents. You can scan everything, output diverse images, and maximum HD quality, print any size.

When it comes to scanning, it must be said about the quality. TapScanner helps you scan all kinds of large and small documents. And in the application, there is a built-in custom flash mode, a grid to adjust the shooting angle and select the scan mode (scan once or scan repeatedly). You can operate it right on your phone camera or you can use the previous image of the corresponding document available on the device. Every mode is good and the scanning efficiency is not much different (provided the image is clear).

Are you worried because you don’t know if the scan is clear? Using TapScanner a few times, to be honest, I find it convenient and fast, but the quality is not inferior to a dedicated scanner outside (I compared based on the same invoice, same paper material, and printed details). Output images can also be selected in PNG or PDF format, and both are available in maximum HD quality or a resolution of your choice. And if you want, you can also adjust the paper size when printing such as A4, A3, A5… It is very convenient for anyone who needs to print because the text and information will be very clear, even when printing and reprinting many times.

Automatically save files, sharing is extremely easy

When a scanner is used by a large group of individuals, there is a risk that the wrong file is created or that the system deletes the file automatically when the maximum storage capacity is reached. You no longer need to be concerned when you use TapScanner on your smartphone. Because once the data scanning procedure is complete, all scanned photographs in the selected format are automatically transferred to cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. Additionally, you can save a table to your phone if you choose (optional).

Once uploaded to the Cloud, the method makes management and search extremely simple. Simply access the account, as you would while looking for and categorizing folders on your PC.

Additionally, sharing scans is simple with TapScanner due to its fast communication by QR code reader, text ISBN, and email. Everything is incorporated in the most current and user-friendly manner possible.

You can also try CamScanner and PDF Extra application available on  HOSTZFEVER.

Post-processing of scanned images

Scanned photos always contain extra edges, detracting from their beauty. If you scan using TapScanner, the application will recognize and delete these contours and unnecessary information automatically, leaving a bright, well-balanced space for the duration of the scan. This is a capability not all specialist scanners excel at.

And if you’re still not satisfied with the image after automatically reducing the border and exporting it to HD, TapScanner includes a simple photo editor with a variety of filters. This application will produce the brightest, clearest, and sharpest final image possible. Crop, trim, rotate, alter brightness and contrast, remove shading, and highlight characters are all included, as are a number of color filters such as black and white tone, yellow light tone, and so on.

In brief, all you have to do while utilizing TapScanner is download the app and scan. The primary function is as follows:

  • Scan documents, receipts, and invoices quickly and easily utilizing the phone’s camera or prior photos.
  • Scanned documents can be saved in high-quality PNG and PDF formats, making them ideal for printing if necessary.
  • Following scanning, the application saves all documents to the Cloud, which is both secure and convenient.
  • Cut and remove the document’s border automatically to improve the clarity and precision of the scanned image.
  • There are some basic scan editing options available to assist in making the content as clear as possible.
  • The search, management, and sharing of documents functions are simple and quick.

MOD APK version of TapScanner

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Pro Unlocked

Download TapScanner MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New TapScanner

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Open the phone, download the TapScanner application and scan it. Everything is very easy, and it’s super convenient to store and share. You don’t need to go to the photocopy store anymore, TapScanner will do it for you.
Download TapScanner here. Good luck with your paperwork.

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