Talking Tom Jetski 2

Talking Tom Jetski 2

Outfit7 Limited
Name Talking Tom Jetski 2
Package com.outfit7.talkingtomjetski2
Publisher Outfit7 Limited
Category Casual
Size 79M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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About Talking Tom Jetski 2This publisher is renowned for its virtual pet games, including Talking Tom and Talking Angela. The...
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About Talking Tom Jetski 2

This publisher is renowned for its virtual pet games, including Talking Tom and Talking Angela. The game I’m introducing today is their newest release. The game immediately draws a huge number of interested players and holds the highest positions on Google Play and Appstore. What drew so much interest to this game? In the review, please specify. To enjoy the game, remember to download it.

Boat racing game

If Talking Tom Candy Run focuses on the search between Tom and the robber, Talking Tom Jetski 2 features a boat racing between Tom and his pals. The player’s objective in this game is to navigate the canoe while avoiding obstacles and raising its top speed in order to emerge victorious. In the meantime, don’t forget to collect gold coins along the road; they’ll help you purchase fascinating goods in the game.

You must be cautious since cats dislike playing in water. Tom would drown if the canoe capsized. Certainly, you are the loser and must play the game again. The minigames of Talking Tom have one thing in common: the game consists of only a few simple steps. To manage the canoe’s left and right turns in this game, simply touch the screen. It’s easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s simple to win. In contrast to other games, winning in this one requires skill and reflexes, not payment.

Beat the opponent

In Outfit 7 games such as Talking Angela, Talking Hank, Talking Ben, and Talking Ginger, Tom’s opponents are familiar dogs and cats. To fight them, you must focus and avoid obstacles skillfully while maintaining a high level of concentration. Girls and boys are eager for a new experience now that summer has arrived. Moreover, in Talking Tom Jetski 2, nobody enjoys coming in last.

To compete with other competitors and gain an advantage over your opponent, you can upgrade certain canoe components to make it quicker. Nevertheless, this has little impact on the gameplay. The player’s ability and reflexes are the most crucial factors.

Unlocked 25 Special Jetskis

There are 25 unique Jeskis to unlock in Talking Tom Jetski 2. Tiger Rider, Sparkle, and The Unicorn Jeski are examples of Jeskis with special effects. Participate in this exciting race by selecting the horse you enjoy the most. When leveling up, do not forget to upgrade your Jeski to increase its speed and other attributes. On the journey, several power-ups will surface, and you must utilize them in order to succeed, such as Speed Up, Magnets, and so on. Additionally, you can construct your own castle.


If you enjoy traveling, Talking Tom Jetski 2 allows you to explore five amazing locations, including Ben’s Laboratory, Ginger’s Sandcastle, Angela’s Beach Resort, Hank’s Surf Shack, and Tom’s Treasure Island. The 2D format of the game’s visuals makes the game more adaptable and compatible with a wide variety of devices. No longer will you feel anxious when your phone’s configuration is low. The game’s aesthetic is vibrant and geared on animation, making it appear highly adorable and entertaining. With a humorous soundtrack, the audio is equally remarkable.

MOD APK version of Talking Tom Jetski 2

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: 2 currencies are coins and diamonds are unlimited. You can use them to upgrade buildings and buy necessary items.

Download Talking Tom Jetski 2 MOD APK for Android

Overall, Talking Tom Jetski 2 is an excellently entertaining game that is appropriate for all ages, especially children. The game can be played with or without parental supervision. This game is free and compatible with both iOS and Android; you can download it using the links provided.

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