Talking Tom Candy Run

Talking Tom Candy Run

Outfit7 Limited
Name Talking Tom Candy Run
Package com.outfit7.talkingtomcandyrun
Publisher Outfit7 Limited
Category Adventure
Size 76M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Candy/Gems
Updated On
About Talking Tom Candy RunTom has become one of the most popular cats in mobile gaming since Outfit7 published the My Talking Tom app several years ago.This adorable but slothful cat i...
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About Talking Tom Candy Run

Tom has become one of the most popular cats in mobile gaming since Outfit7 published the My Talking Tom app several years ago.

This adorable but slothful cat is also capable of mimicking human speech. In this game, you must care for Tom from infancy through adulthood, purchase clothes for him, and arrange his room. The game has helped many animal lovers adopt a cat on their smart phones. In addition, My Talking Tom features a multitude of minigames that draw a big number of players each day and allow them to earn additional funds for purchasing cat accessories.

As players increasingly prioritize playing minigames above caring for Tom, Outfit7 has created an increasing number of engaging minigames. Talking Tom Candy Run is the most recent example.

Tom’s Candy Store

Tom opened a large candy store on the corner since his gluttonous cat enjoys eating sweets. One day, a bumbling thief sneaks into the store and snatches all of the candies. Thankfully, as soon as Tom arrived, he swiftly chased the robber away. You must assist Tom in pursuing and recovering his stolen candy.

Simple and fun gameplay

If you’ve gone through the minigames of My Talking Tom, you’ll notice that they feature a very simple gameplay that does not require players to execute complex operations; to control, simply touch the screen. Two arrow buttons pointing up and down are displayed on the screen. Tom will automatically pursue the robber in a path that cannot be achieved by running in reverse; simply use the up arrow if you wish to jump over barriers or the down arrow if you wish to roll over them. The cat Tom will leap higher if you tap the up arrow twice.

I consider this game to be nearly equivalent to Subway Surfers, although a bit simpler. If you do not want Tom to tumble in Talking Tom Candy Run, you must be inventive and quick on your feet when obstacles occur. Don’t forget that the most important objective is to pick up the candy that the thief dropped along the path. This will undoubtedly be a delicious endeavor.

The characters that you love

You will unlock one of seven recognizable characters, such as Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Hank, Talking Ben, Talking Ginger, Officer Tom, or Ben Brainiac. Do you know him? Participate in this chase with your favorite character.

Travel through many locations around the world

This game provides the opportunity to get tickets for international trips. More than eighty levels spread across more than eighty distinct environments will surprise you. The game is recreated in a bright, close-to-the-player cartoon style, making it appropriate for all ages. As far as I can tell, the game takes the form of a minigame, unlike the original edition. The 2D graphics of Talking Tom Candy Run make it more customizable and compatible with a wider range of devices, even low-end ones. There is no need to configure your phone in order to download content.

MOD APK version of Talking Tom Candy Run

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: Upgrade your store for free.

Download Talking Tom Candy Run MOD APK for Android

Overall, for those who love My Talking Tom, this game is indispensable on your phone. Each level lasts only two to three minutes, so you can play it whenever you want without having to worry about interruptions. Do you want to enjoy Talking Tom Candy Run? Currently, the game has both iOS and Android versions. You can download the links below the article.

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