App Name Talkao Translate
Publisher Talkao Translate
Genre Apps
Size 51.5MB
Latest Version 317.0
MOD Info Immortal Character
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Update June 11, 2021

In today’s world, languages ​​are developed in a very diverse and vibrant, and they are formed from a long time ago on various lands and gradually become popular in the world through cultural exchanges. As the culture of places begins to blend, there will appear progressively tourists who love visiting new places. However, language is also a barrier that prevents people from understanding each other, so real-time language translation applications began to be developed. One of those was Talkao Translate, a voice translator app, and contained a substantial online dictionary in over 110 languages. If you are someone who regularly communicates with travelers but does not understand what they say, this application will help you communicate smoothly.


Talkao Translate is an interpreter tool with many convenient features to help users understand the meaning of sentences, even allegories, and satire. Moreover, it is also a trusted application by many international users, because it supports more than 110 different languages, and easily translates any language in a short time. The application also has a simple yet sophisticatedly designed interface that gives users a friendly feeling. At the homepage is the place where users enter text to translate or use the microphone to translate directly. Even all the features that users need to translate will be added immediately to the home page of the application. Users can also customize the interface, change its colors, and edit its font and size; everything will become more convenient and accessible to the user with just the interface.


In daily life, users often meet many tourists from many different lands, if they want to open a dialogue with the other, then a source of knowledge and skills is a necessity. However, if the user has difficulty communicating, then they can use the specially designed ‘Voice Translator’ to be able to translate quickly. What’s even more interesting is that the application can also recognize voices and detect languages ​​from them, so users make the other party speak first, and the app will translate it with text. Of course, its accuracy is always guaranteed, and even users can create a chat through this application. Users can also customize the translation feature, making it work perfectly in the way that users want.


Translation applications must always have a dictionary attached, but instead of a dictionary that translates a specific word, the app has a versatile dictionary for statements. The dictionary works in real-time, so it doesn’t take up a lot of memory space. Moreover, it excels in many different directions, such as support for 110 languages, analyzing the meaning of satirical sentences, and even suggesting synonyms for users. Not only that, but the app will also mention other variations of a specific word, like verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, etc. Besides, the dictionary will have a collection of common sayings used in many different fields, even with many languages ​​for users to learn. The application’s dictionary is more versatile than what users see in other applications, and it will always ensure users are free of language barriers.

Talkao Translate is a versatile and user-friendly translator. It also works simply and does not take up much power or capacity of the device, so it is always one of the top choices for many users. The application also works with a built-in intelligent AI that works via the cloud, so all text and speech will be translated with the highest level of accuracy. Users are often less confident in their voice, but with this application, users can also use the ‘text-to-speech’ feature in the most useful way. If you are someone who wants to overcome the language barrier and make friends with visitors, this app will be the best translator you can find out there.