App Name SuperRetro16
Publisher Neutron Emulation
Genre Apps
Size 8.34MB
Latest Version 2.1.5
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Update August 30, 2021

Before the technology has developed like it used to be, if you want to play games before, you need a console to do it. One of the systems that many people choose to buy is the SNES – Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Developed and launched for the first time in 1990 in Japan and Korea, SNES has quickly gained a lot of popularity and sales are also very high. This product is a product with global success, with sales of 49.1 million units by the year of discontinuation in 2003. SNES have made the success of an in the legends of the 18-bit game era and now are still popular. But there are many people, until now still can not experience what SNES brings to the player. But there is a game that can do that, which is SuperRetro16 – the SNES Emulator application. This game is something for players to get the best experience that SNES can bring. So do you want to once again come up with what was previously considered a myth? If yes, then this would be a perfect game to do that.

Once again to the legends
As mentioned before, SNES is one of the successful consoles not only in the country but has reached a global level. The time of its launch was in 1990; at that time, it was difficult for a person to own this device. So many people are still unable to experience the games available on the SNES platform. So this game is an excellent choice for you to experience the games that have ever been on the SNES platform. Players will once again see what a legend can do through this game. But if you’ve ever had the opportunity to play games on this device, you definitely won’t forget what it does. What it does is unlike any other game currently on the market for players to experience. So if you are bored with modern things and want to return to the past, this is for you.
A large collection of game stores
Until now, players who want to play many games need to download all of them to play. But this time it was not, this game was not a game but rather a collection of many games to create one thing. All games that have appeared on the SNES platform will be recreated in this game for players to experience. Players only need to download a single application to experience the best that SNES has. Popular games like “Chrono Trigger” or “Donkey Kong Country” will be available for you to choose from. In the past, not everyone was eligible to experience all the games available on SNES. But with this application, you absolutely can do it if you persevere to play the game. Players can change the game often to experience something new and avoid boredom when playing games.
Play games with your friends
Playing games by yourself is fun, but it can not be as fun as playing games with your friends. Previously, a SNES device could connect a maximum of two joypads so that two people could play games. So this game can also do the same thing so that players can play games with their friends. If you want to do this, both devices must first install the app and join the same game. Next, the player needs to connect Bluetooth between the two devices, or both must use the same wifi network to play the game. But the player needs to have one more note that players need to participate in the game that allows you to play co-op together. If the player chooses to play a single-player mode, then he will not be able to play the game with others.
Thousands of different cheats
In the past, when playing games, there were titles that, no matter how much you tried to attach, could not surpass the game. Even until now, players who continue to play the game will not be able to overcome that game. Many people regret it, and it made many people unhappy when playing games for fun. So this application has supported players thousands of different cheats codes for players to use. Players can use it in many different titles and complete the game. Although it will make the game easier, players should not abuse this feature because it makes the game so easy. If it is too easy, the player will quickly get bored, so please be careful before using it.