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Introduce about SuperLingoEnglish and Chinese courses that are well-designed are awaiting your expertise!Suitable for any purposeMy sister once asked me to discover a free, eas...
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Introduce about SuperLingo

English and Chinese courses that are well-designed are awaiting your expertise!

Suitable for any purpose

My sister once asked me to discover a free, easy-to-use, popular, and sufficient four-skill English learning app for her (reading, speaking, listening, writing).
As a result, I spent the entire day searching for a suitable program. There were several English learning software available at the time, but finding something that satisfies all of the “indications” above is not easy, gentlemen.

Numerous excellent applications were not complimentary. You might use it for free for up to two days before paying millions. What was free contained a variety of advertisements that obstruct your ability to learn. Additionally, some include a focus on grammar or listening abilities.

Finally, I discovered SuperLingo and everything became clear.

What is SuperLingo?

Today, many individuals rely on SuperLingo as a language-learning application. It was developed by a team with over two decades of teaching expertise and a variety of cutting-edge technology, including a proprietary AI algorithm, according to the maker. As a user, my sister and I rate it ten out of ten for its ease and assistance.

Specialize in English and Chinese

There are apps for learning up to twenty different languages in several of the foreign language learning apps I’ve discovered for my sister, but each is unfocused. SuperLingo is an entirely unique language learning experience. Clearly, SuperLingo’s maxim is “Quality trumps quantity.” English and Chinese are SuperLingo’s two most specialized languages.

I’ll use the learning programs as an example to demonstrate the richness and variety of each language taught in SuperLingo. Each level is meticulously crafted with clarity, attention, and detail. Whether you’re a Beginner or an Advanced student, SuperLingo has a wealth of engaging challenges, tutorials, and exercises.

Each learning level in SuperLingo will include the following aspects

  • Topic-based classes. Each word is contextualized to facilitate comprehension. Additionally, this software assists in determining the difference between synonyms such as Tall and High, Sorry and Apologize…
  • Each lesson includes an illustrated video in which you can hear the proper pronunciation and see adorable animations. At the time, learning English and watching videos were incredibly difficult. We now have video lessons organized per lesson. It’s indescribably delightful!
  • In the same lesson, incorporate four skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing). Sentences with grammatical explanations will be repeated numerous times to help students develop their writing skills, while accompanying videos and standard pronunciation will help students develop their reading and speaking abilities. Allow the AI to listen to your pronunciation and wait for its evaluation if you’d like to check it.
  • Each finished lesson is followed by a competency test covering four different abilities.
  • All native speakers provide clear pronunciation and voicing for SuperLingo’s videos, tutorials, and audio segments.
  • Along with excellent support for learning new vocabulary, SuperLingo will include TV program excerpts, movie excerpts, and mindmaps to assist learners in grasping the context of new vocabulary and comprehending it more deeply.
  • Additionally, grammar portions are properly systematized using the CEFR and GSE standards. I feel that learning grammar on SuperLingo is pretty easy to remember and comprehend, owing to the availability of several settings that demonstrate the difference between special tenses and phrases.
  • Following the primary courses, you can practice and consolidate knowledge indefinitely using up to seventeen practice modes and one hundred various combinations of exercises.

Especially if the network is slow, you can download classes to study offline. Even better, individuals who are prone to laziness, such as my sister, adore this section: each instruction is purposefully brief. The more you study, the faster the learning process becomes, the shorter the path to completion becomes, and the more content you become.

You can also try Duolingo and LingoDeer application available on  APKZARA.

MOD APK version of SuperLingo

MOD feature

Plus Subscription

Download SuperLingo MOD APK for Android

In short, if you want to learn English and Chinese methodically from basic to advanced, and want to improve four skills, you should use SuperLingo.
Good luck with your foreign language learning!

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