App Name Strange VPN Host
Publisher xfalcon
Genre Apps
Size 1.45MB
Latest Version 2.1.1
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Update September 7, 2021

The internet can be said to be a virtual world created by humans to serve many of today’s human needs. Since its creation, the internet is something that has caused a lot of controversies, but it cannot be denied the dedication it brings to people. Thanks to the internet, people can get closer together, access information faster, work quickly, and there are many other advantages. But everything has its advantages and disadvantages, similar to two sides of a coin, the more beneficial it is, the more dangerous.

The danger here is because there are so many viruses and scammers ready to hurt users. According to statistics, each year, up to millions of frauds are carried out through the internet, causing huge losses of money. This has shown the dangers of the internet, so users will need to know how to protect themselves. So how can I protect myself against the risks on the internet? That is by downloading the VPN Host application so that this application protects the user’s device.

Best VPN and AD-Block
Before diving into the features, let’s find out what a VPN is? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network – a virtual private network used to connect with other servers through the public internet. Users can send and receive data between devices that are connected through that virtual private network. When a device uses a VPN, there are many benefits to it, such as increased security, access to many websites, and many other features. Today, VPN is gradually becoming popular and more and more popular with many users because of the benefits that it can bring to users. To use VPN through this application, users do not need to do too many complicated operations but only need a few things. The first is to download the application, then the user starts the application and will see a switch right in the main screen of the application. Users only need to turn on the switch, and everything is ready for users to experience. If it is not necessary to use a VPN, users need to turn off the switch to turn off the application. Just by turning on and off, users can have the safest experience when using the internet.

Free access
The internet was created to bring people closer together, and anyone can do it. But the truth is not like that; if everything is free, it will become chaotic, so everything has to be controlled to avoid that from happening. Users can only access websites that are not prohibited by law; if granted, you will not be able to access them. But that is, in terms of using the public internet, the user is using a private network, so all such prohibitions do not apply to users. Users can still access blocked websites from many other countries around the world. So the user experience will be much more diverse and bring things that users have never seen before.

Maximum security
When users use the internet, users will have an IP address that can be easily managed. The purpose of this IP is not bad, but some hackers take advantage of this to find the user’s device and create viruses on your device. Hackers have stolen many victims, and the consequences are huge. This application has a way to protect the user’s information that is by hiding the user’s IP address. Hackers will no longer be able to use the user’s IP to access the user’s device, and you will be safe.
Accessing data in many countries
This application can provide users with access to many different countries for users to experience. This app has servers located all over the world, from Europe to Asia, all available to the user. The user who wants to explore any country needs to move the user’s address to that location, and all will be done. The countries where the application is available are the US, India, Russia, Australia, and many other places for users to use. So users don’t have to worry about not having a server to connect to.