Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy

Max Games Studios
Name Stick War: Legacy
Package com.maxgames.stickwarlegacy
Publisher Max Games Studios
Category Strategy
Version 2022.1.15
Size 103M
Requires Android 4.4 Can play offline
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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About Stick War: LegacyPerhaps you're familiar with some of the most popular fighting stickman games? I could easily mention Stickman Lege...
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About Stick War: Legacy

Perhaps you’re familiar with some of the most popular fighting stickman games? I could easily mention Stickman Legends, Stickman Revenge, or Stick Fight… The most of them had previously been quite popular and have garnered rave reviews. Today, I’d like to introduce you to a new stickman strategy game called Stick War: Legacy, published by Max Games Studios. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it’s a very popular web-based one.


Stick War: Legacy transports you to the world of Inamorta, which is home to numerous great empires. Each country has its own distinct culture, and weapons are valued as a deadly art form in their respective countries. They are all set to conquer the kingdom in which you rule as king. Naturally, as a gifted and compassionate leader, you cherish peace. However, given the country’s perpetual threat, it is critical to develop a strong military force capable of destroying any enemy attacks. Apart from that, economic development is necessary for the establishment of a powerful army.

Defend the kingdom

In Stick War: Legacy, you will reign as the monarch of a rational and peaceful kingdom. Your styles do not include weapons, violence, or conflict. However, neighboring countries possess a contemporary weaponry and are perpetually on the lookout for an opportunity to invade your kingdom.

Instead of directing a single character in a strategy game, you lead a vast army composed of numerous warrior soldiers. Construct and manage your own strategy squad, which may include Soldiers, Swordsmen, Wizards, or Giants. They will bring significant fighting power if they are properly organized and equipped with weapons. Additionally, you can use magic charms to recruit your army.

Gold and gems

Each significant nation in Stick War: Legacy requires not only military might, but also economic might. As is the case in the real world, the world’s military powers have enormous economic resources or a large military budget. This is no different in this game. To construct a great army, you’ll need a large amount of gold. Kindly utilize the territory’s resources. There is a sizable workforce of employees and miners eager to labor night and day to extract gold from mineral reserves. Upgrade miners to maximize resource utilization and daily gold production.

Apart from gold, a gem is a highly valuable monetary unit in Stick War: Legacy. It aids in the advancement of fighting units by fortifying the stickman fighters. Additionally, it enables miners to work twice as quickly in the same amount of time. Gems are used to purchase spells and products from the Store in particular.

A fun strategy game

Stick War: Legacy’s conflicts are quite tactical in nature. Each kingdom possesses unique and advanced warfare technology. If you succeed, you will receive great loot and a portion of the area. War is inhumane, but the winners will gain enormous benefits. “The victor is the strongest,” keep in mind. You can defeat anyone if you have a sound strategy and a group of fearless warriors.

For instance, the balance between melee soldiers (Swordsmen, Soldiers…) and long-range forces such as Archers and Wizards. Giants are capable of launching aggressive attacks while also providing excellent protection for the turret. We observe throughout each battle that the leader’s stature is enormous, both in terms of battle leadership and military planning.


Stick War: Legacy features a variety of unique modes. While fighting in the universe of Inamorta is a fascinating experience, it is a standard mode. There are several game types to choose from, including Survival and Tournament. Survival mode challenges your stickman army to survive in a zombie-infested planet. If you’re looking for a more competitive environment, Tournament mode pits you against people from all around the world.

MOD APK version of Stick War: Legacy

Surely you are looking for the money hack version of this game. Because its difficulty is undeniable. You can download the MOD APK version of the game for free at HOSTZFEVER to make things easier.

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You will have unlimited Gems in the game.

How to use

You can spend gems even when there is no amount. Just go to “Shop” then buy any item, your gems will increase.

Download Stick War: Legacy APK & MOD for Android

The features are extremely attractive to players. It attracts players from fierce battles to eye-catching 2D graphics. The shape of the characters is extremely diverse and funny. Along with that are the vivid expressions of the stickman soldiers.

More specifically, I really like Stick War: Legacy. Simply because I love peace but I’m not easily bullied. The best defence is to attack. Bring fear to all enemies and prove who is the true king of the kingdom.

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