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About SpotifyWhat is Spotify?Spotify is the world's most popular music streaming service, with over 100 million members. According to 20...
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About Spotify

What is Spotify?

Spotify is the world’s most popular music streaming service, with over 100 million members. According to 2015 data, the program surpassed the amazing milestone of 60 million users (including 15 million premium users). What factors contributed to Spotify’s current status as the finest music streaming service?

Listen to the right music and podcasts

Spotify can be considered the “king” of online music streaming, as the application owns a massive music store with over 40 million songs. All of the music is high-quality and copyrighted. The application is constantly updated with new songs and albums, allowing users to quickly find what they’re looking for.

As with other music streaming services, you can locate any song by typing the title, artist, or album name into the search box above the application. To view the entire set of search results, click “Show all results.”

In comparison to rivals such as Apple Music or Pandora, Spotify has a much larger music library. You can download a song from any genre, including Pop, EDM, Hard Rock, Jazz, and K-Pop. In the free version, you will listen to songs in blending mode, which means that the application will play any song that is related to the song you initially searched for, and you will not be able to select which songs to listen to.


Spotify selects songs you might like based on your listening history and preferences and compiles them into a playlist. These playlists are categorized according to genre and mood. When you open the Discover Weekly section at the top, you’ll see songs you haven’t heard yet but are likely to enjoy. Specifically, when your favorite musicians release new singles or albums, the app will notify you immediately.

Pros and Cons


1. Compatible on all platforms. You can listen to music on spotify software for PC or Mac, or through mobile apps…

2. The capacity to suggest outstanding music automatically. It has a nice UI and is simple to use.

3. High-quality music; all tracks are fully protected by copyright.

4. Unlike Netflix, we have a free plan here.


1. The premium subscription fee is rather pricey.

2. Does not include a facility for displaying lyrics. This function has been disabled.

3. Available in a restricted number of countries.

Upgrade to Premium?

When using the free version, you are unable to pick music for offline listening. Meanwhile, for only $ 9.99 a month (applicable in more than 60 countries worldwide), you can access all of Spotify’s excellent features. Listen to and download high-quality music (320kbps and Lossless), make personal playlists, and listen to on-demand radio with no advertisements.

You can, for example, register for and cancel the Premium plan at any time. In comparison to Apple Music, Spotify’s personal and family Premium packages are more expensive, but you might consider this in exchange for more interesting features. Spotify is currently offering a free one-month Premium trial to all users. If you’re on the fence, you can test it out before making a commitment.

You might enjoy Spotify Lite.

MOD APK version of Spotify

What is Spotify Premium MOD APK?

This is a modified version of the original application by the talented developers at HOSTZFEVER. By various methods, we analyze in-depth the application and adjust individual sections. You can benefit from these adjustments. Spotify, after being modified, can use most features of the Premium subscription. So it can be said that the version we offer is Spotify Premium APK.

Why need the MOD version while this app is free?

Although it is free, you will not be able to use some essential features when listening to music such as repeat, random play, listen to high-quality music… without upgrading your account to the Premium subscription. In our Spotify MOD APK, you will be able to use these features without paying any money.

MOD features

  • Unlocked Spotify Connect
  • Unlocked Spotify Inbox
  • Unlocked Storylines
  • Unlocked repeat mode
  • Listen 320kbps music
  • Unlimited Shuffle
  • Search your music
  • Listen to any song you like
  • Block Ads
  • Removed Various Cosmetic Features
  • Dark Amoled Theme

Note: Some server-side features still require payment to use.

Download Spotify Premium MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New Spotify

We’re always making changes and improvements to Spotify. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on.

Although there are some downsides that need to fix, Spotify remains one of the best music streaming platforms in the world. This app supports many platforms such as Android, iOS, PC, Mac, you can download via the links below.

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