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Name Spotify Lite
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Package com.spotify.lite
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Category Music And Audio
Size 9M
Requires Android
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Introduce about Spotify LiteSpotify, the world's largest music streaming service, is undoubtedly familiar to you, particularly if you enjoy music. ...
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Introduce about Spotify Lite

Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming service, is undoubtedly familiar to you, particularly if you enjoy music. This is one of the applications that enables users to listen to high-quality copyrighted music online. Spotify’s quality is undisputed, but the problem is that it is rather hefty, making it unsuitable for devices with low configuration or when connected to an unstable network, resulting in a poor song experience. To address this disadvantage and maximize the user experience, the company launched Spotify Lite, a lighter version that is compatible with more devices and enables users to listen to music everywhere. You may still listen to your favorite song even if your network connection is slow.

Optimized for Android devices

According to the developer’s specifications, this lite version is extremely lightweight (just 15MB after installation is complete), significantly lighter than the original version (with a size of up to 100M). However, because this is a condensed version, many features, including some essential ones, have been omitted. However, if you can simply find a way to connect with the world of music, I believe that will enough.

Listen to your favourite music

Because it was built on the foundation of Spotify, the undisputed monarch of online music streaming, this Lite version, while compact, retains the potential to provide customers with an infinite free music store. As with the original, every music is copyrighted and of high quality. It is constantly updated with new, hot, and trending tracks to assist users in quickly discovering their favorite tunes.

As with other music streaming services, you can find any song by typing the title, artist, or album into the search bar at the application’s top. Spotify Lite performs queries and displays all search results with the click of a button (including relevant results and suggestions). Spotify Lite enables you to discover a diverse range of musical genres that suit your mood and purpose, such as US-UK, K-Pop, classical, and romantic music.


This Lite version may automatically suggest songs of the same genre based on your listening habits and history, and then aggregate them into a playlist. These playlists are categorized by genre, singer, new trends, and updates, as well as by mood. This will assist you in discovering several unique music in your preferred genre. Personally, after a period of experience, I became acquainted with other vocalists I was unfamiliar with; they possessed a pleasant voice and matched my musical tastes.

Other attractive features

Users can still create their own personal Playlists, download them, and share them with others when using Spotify Lite. Additionally, you may track the data that is used. If you don’t have a lot of 3G / 4G bandwidth, you can set a data limit and the app will notify you when you’re about to reach it. Additionally, when using this version, defragmenting the device is made easier and simpler.

But it also has some limitations

The first point I take issue with this Lite edition is that the Premium account does not have many truly exceptional features, despite the fact that customers must pay to access them. If you had the original edition, when you updated your account, you gained the ability to construct a playlist and play previously selected music. Users can enjoy tracks in the song mixing mode with a free account. Even if a user upgrades to the Premium edition of Spotify Lite, the user cannot make a playlist, forcing them to listen in mixing mode. The application will play any music that are associated with the initial search results. If you wish to play another song or podcast manually, you must do so.

Another point, which I frequently notice in the Lite version of many other applications, is that they allow users to work or play offline to facilitate travel (in areas without a reliable internet connection) and waste less data. However, this feature is not currently available in Spotify’s Lite edition. You will be unable to listen to music at its optimum quality and will be unable to use the Spotify Connect feature, which means that music will not be able to be transferred from one device to another.

MOD APK version of Spotify Lite

MOD features

  • Premium Unlocked: Premium features have been unlocked.
  • Lite Optimize: This version is intended for low-end devices. If you want to use the full version of Spotify Premium, you can download it here.

Download Spotify Lite Premium MOD APK for Android

This application is very fast and smooth, suitable for many different Android devices (even for devices with low operating systems and low configuration). Besides, it uses less memory, data and battery, so it can be optimized. This Lite version is up to 85% lighter than the original version, it is omitted too many essential features that users need. I hope that the next updated versions of Spotify Lite can complement the basic features and have more appropriate improvements but still bring the true nature of the lite version.

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