SoundHound ∞

SoundHound ∞

Soundhound Inc.
Name SoundHound ∞
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Version 9.9.1
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Introduce about SoundHoundRecognize tunes and document the journey of musicUnexpected moments "cannot be named"I'm not sure how meaningful music is to you. It is, in my opinion...
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Introduce about SoundHound

Recognize tunes and document the journey of music

Unexpected moments “cannot be named”

I’m not sure how meaningful music is to you. It is, in my opinion, the most effective method of resolving psychological wounds. Whether you’re heartbroken, lonely, overjoyed, or simply in need of a random friend, sometimes you don’t need a buddy or to have any fun at all; merely listening to a wonderful song with a heartwarming melody is plenty.

I handed in my pocket and walked for a few minutes to relax a few years back, when I was quite depressed over something I can’t recall now. I discovered a song while passing a roadside cafe. The tune pierced my heart, unearthing all the trifles that had accumulated in my mind. It was one of those moments that only after experiencing it fully did I understand why, despite the passage of time, I still recall it. However, if I’m required to recall every aspect of that song, I’m done. Even things that are likely to be permanently imprinted in the mind, let alone a song, might be forgotten.

I wish I could relive that sensation now that my phone comes pre-installed with SoundHound.

Why do we need SoundHound?

When it comes to music, you may have a multifaceted need. Apart from listening, viewing lyrics, reading information about singers and songwriters, sharing music on social networks, and keeping your music memories and preferences, you want the program to be able to identify any piece of music. It might randomly pick up on any nice songs while driving, shout out the correct name, add it to the list automatically, and then connect the tune to another large music shop… True, there are a lot of features packed into a single application. That is why you should employ a robust application such as SoundHound.

SoundHound is an intelligent music search and recognition application that can be operated via speech and has plenty of other great features that I will discuss below.

Identify songs with just a short melody

As was the case with my issue a few years ago, if I had SoundHound, I would have at least recognized which music was causing the vibrating sound. SoundHound simply needs to listen to a brief amount of music in an unobtrusively “pure” environment in order to assist you in quickly and precisely identifying and naming that song. SoundHound’s built-in intelligent music identification and noise synthesis technologies will assist you in identifying a song you’re enthusiastic about or a song that piques your interest, as well as providing information about singers and musicians.

After that, when you have time, you can listen to the entire one that has just traveled via the SoundHound to Radio and Spotify connection. This can all occur in a matter of seconds. Occasionally, the music outside continues long after you’ve begun singing along with the song on your phone.
Do you know the joy that comes from having a question concerning something passing rapidly and having it swiftly and unconditionally answered? That’s the sensation you get whenever you discover a new music with SoundHound.

Listen to music and read the lyrics at the same time conveniently

SoundHound’s feature set is highlighted by song recognition. However, SoundHound remains fundamentally a music application for mobile devices. SoundHound makes listening to music quite pleasant; the interface is basic and clean, with a black background, white writing, and song covers.

When you select a song and play it, the screen will always display the complete lyrics in sync with the music, both on the application screen and on the phone home screen. While mumbling, singing, or dancing along to catchy tracks, you can listen to music. Bring headphones with you to experience SoundHound’s crystal-clear sound and high-quality music.

Control SoundHound by voice

You can entirely operate SoundHound with your voice while listening to and looking for music, just as you can with Siri. When you say the words you’re looking for or want to control in a song, SoundHound identifies and tracks them. With rapid comprehension, all you need to do is speak short; SoundHound will automatically de-noise and reduce background noise to ensure accuracy.

You can also try other apps like Very My Radio.

Keep track of music for each person

SoundHound, as a dedicated music player, offers a lot of essential features for music enthusiasts. For instance, SoundHound Headlines enables you to find new music and research your favorite singers and musicians. Additionally, the remarkable music search function enables you to locate the appropriate music using only a few keywords or oblique references to the artist’s name. Each gap and nook is traceable.

Additionally, you can save the appropriate music to a Playlist of your choosing. Simply turn on the entire playlist and enjoy when necessary. Alternatively, if you’d like to share a great music on major social media platforms, SoundHound makes it simple by providing iTunes links, YouTube videos, and more. All you need to do is click share.

Download SoundHound MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New SoundHound ∞

We’re officially supporting Android 11 with this release! Dust off your dancing shoes and jump into SoundHound to capture and experience your favorite songs on your Android phone or with our improved Tablet UI. You’ll also start seeing some great new playlists from our music aficionados here at SoundHound.

Download SoundHound to your device and you can confidently go anywhere. Listen to music, enjoy playlists, control with voice, and most importantly recognize every song you suddenly hear on the road. Yes, every moment connected with music is now within reach.

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