Soul Knight

Soul Knight

Name Soul Knight
Package com.ChillyRoom.DungeonShooter
Publisher Chillyroom
Category RPG
Version 4.1.6
Size 430M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked All
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About Soul KnightI've spent a total of 19 hours in the last couple days playing this fascinating game. I understand that you may not believe me, but this is an extremely appealing game. Sou...
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About Soul Knight

I’ve spent a total of 19 hours in the last couple days playing this fascinating game. I understand that you may not believe me, but this is an extremely appealing game. Soul Knight is a mashup of the RPG and shooting game genres that I’m sure many of you and I have wished to experience at least once. This is a ChillyRoom product that works on both Android and iOS and is entirely free to download.

Soul Knight is a smooth and enjoyable game that combines elements of the RPG and shooter genres. I’m confident that after the game is released, it will be the greatest shooter available on Google Play and the App Store. You’ll be able to explore the terrible environment of the dark castle, collect weapons, dodge bullets, and destroy everything with Soul Knight.

You may also want to check out our Otherworld Legends MOD APK. Instead of weaponry, ChillyRoom’s new game emphasizes kung fu combat.


To begin, this game is exceedingly difficult to master and will prove to be a significant challenge for you. The storyline of the game is comparable to that of “Enter The Dungeon.” If you’ve ever played, you’ll recognize the analogy. Your objective in this game is to wipe out adversaries with your own heroes in each stage.

Each hero has distinct talents that you can utilize, such as the ability to use weapons, evade bullets, and stealth adversaries. Naturally, each hero has unique charms in addition to faults. Several characters can be activated. Some characters can be activated with gems, while others can only be purchased via IAP for $1, however for me and other poor players, free heroes are plenty. If you are defeated, you may purchase 200 jade or view an advertisement to be revived. Alternatively, restart.

After beating all opponents on a level, you will gain a bonus that will aid you in the subsequent level. Additionally, there are mercenaries who assist you during the game. You will lose the money in hiring them, which you can recover if you win. They will assist you in completing numerous tasks with up to three mercenaries.

Weapons and pets

Each door will require a unique weapon, which may be a rifle, a blade, a bow, or a laser… You can equip Soul Knight with 170 different weapons. Mana or soul is required to use a weapon (blue bar).

Each weapon has its own strengths; for example, a cannon can quickly eliminate enemy units but consumes a large amount of mana, making it a weapon that is rarely used. While the blade deals more damage, its range is rather limited, and I prefer to use blades because to their mana-free nature.

You’re always accompanied by a pet, initially a cat (my personal favorite), who assists you in combat. You can purchase another animal, but it will appear to have a different skin tone.

Unlock new heroes

Each time the game is launched, you’re led to the Living Room, which features all of the game’s heroes. Each hero has their own set of stats and unique abilities. You can purchase new heroes in-game with real money, however certain characters are exclusively available for real money.

When heroes are upgraded, extra stats such as HP, energy, cooldown reduction, and ammunition are gained.


The renowned Pixel 2D graphics are one of the aspects of Soul Knight that I enjoy. It brings back memories of adventures played on four-button devices many years ago. Apart from the game’s beautiful sound, you’ll be incredibly pleased with this simple graphical platform.

Its visuals are similar of another role-playing game I adore: Stardew Valley.


Different currencies are available in the game: gold and gems. Gold is used to pay for soldiers and other essentials. While Gems are the premium money, they can be used to acquire new characters and pets, as well as improve existing ones. Additionally, you can play a minigame in the game’s lobby in the goal of obtaining a superpower weapon with which to begin your race, or possibly winning additional gems.

One thing I enjoy about this game is that it is completely ad-free, with the exception of advertisements for 200 gems. You will not be able to view the weapon’s stats in the shop prior to purchasing, and you must purchase the weapon to learn how powerful it is.

MOD APK version of Soul Knight

MOD v1 features

  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited seeds, craft materials, items
  • Unlimited eggs
  • Unlock all characters
  • Unlock all skins
  • Unlock all paid skills
  • Unlock all plots in the garden
  • Unlock all pets
  • Unlock all weapons
  • Unlock all decorate: Magic Well, Fish Tank, Holy Statue, Beverage Vending Machine…
  • Free craft

MOD v2 features

  • All features of v1
  • No Skill CD
  • Unlimited Energy

Download Soul Knight MOD APK for Android

I love Soul Knight, it gives me quite a lot of fun. All that said, Soul Knight is a simple, free game. If I were you, I would immediately download and play after reading this article. You can download Soul Knight on your phone through the appropriate links below, there are both the original and the MOD for you (the MOD version will include many gems, unlock all characters…).

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