Name Soloop
Package com.coloros.videoeditor
Publisher Coloros
Category Photos & Videos
Version 1.42.1
Size 134M
Requires Android 8.0
MOD Features No
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Introduce about SoloopCreate your own films and organize your photographs and videos intelligently on your device!Not everyone has a strong desire to create video clips, and not everyon...
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Introduce about Soloop

Create your own films and organize your photographs and videos intelligently on your device!

Not everyone has a strong desire to create video clips, and not everyone is adept at precisely categorizing their phone’s photos and videos. Simply generate clips quickly and easily, edit, and produce videos from the photos on your smartphone; you can also automatically tag and rearrange frames and clips in your device according to available themes. If such a program exists, it is unique.

If you’re looking for a lightweight program that combines the ability to generate more stunning movies on a semi-professional level with the ability to carefully categorize and organize your photographs and videos, you should look for one that combines the two tasks. And Soloop is capable of doing both functions on your behalf.

What’s so special about Soloop?

Soloop is one of the few apps that possesses both of these capabilities simultaneously. The first feature is intelligent photo and video categorization on your smartphone. The second function is Automatic video creation and editing using the audio background that is currently accessible. These two seemingly unconnected but critically important characteristics will surprise you with their utility.

The intelligent automatic video editing feature

I’m almost certain I’ll begin by discussing Soloop’s sophisticated automatic video editing capability. Because this need appears to be more worried than sorting and organizing media assets.

Soloop is one of the software that assists in automatically adjusting videos to the rhythms of music. Soloop will automatically construct a final clip with the appropriate background tune from an original video.

Additionally, Soloop can assist you in creating a video by connecting various images. By doing so, you’ll need to incorporate numerous additional features, such as color effects and transitions, to complete the clip.

Soloop’s video editing and enhancement features include cutting, joining, fast forwarding, slow discharge, music dubbing (from the application’s accessible library), applying Filters to make other rich colors more prominent, and lastly generating smooth transitions throughout the film. This collection of transition effects is extremely beneficial for combining multiple photographs into a film; the smoother the transition between photos, the more beautiful and natural the finished video will be.

Alternatively, you can add nice subtitles to your video using typefaces and text effects found in the Soloop package. After creating the video, you can examine it before saving it or sharing it on social media platforms. If you’re not satisfied with it, you can modify it further to create the video you want.

Intelligently categorize photos & videos

This tool allows you to categorize all of your images and videos on your device. Soloop has 84 different stickers that allow you to actively organize and group your photographs and videos, so that when you need them, you can simply search for the tag to retrieve them immediately, without having to recall the date or time you saved them.

Additionally, SoLoop can modify your videos to sync with selected music. The program will automatically add transitions to an existing film, resulting in a video created by stitching together various pictures. And once you’ve classified the files, you may use them to snap images, create videos, or apply editing effects to existing files. Simply locate the file tag you wish to change, and Soloop will create a video associated with that file.

As if you were tagging someone on Instagram or Facebook, this feature works similarly. When you need to search by tag, you’ll instantly find the results you’re looking for. It may seem insignificant, but if you have a large number of photographs and videos on your smartphone, finding them will be really tough and time-consuming. At that point, a software like Soloop that automatically categorizes photographs and videos will come in handy.

Small capacity, friendly interface

Soloop is a basic and tiny application with two extremely useful functions. This application consumes extremely minimal system resources; it is immediately available for installation and use. Additionally, the UI is intuitive and simple to use, allowing anyone to immediately use it, in contrast to many other video editing and file classification tools that are quite complex to use.

Soloop’s text, icons, and directions are all extremely short, easy to read, and have minimal color schemes. By and large, operating mobile phones and tablets is extremely convenient. You can edit your photographs and videos with a few simple touches.

You can also try other apps like KineMaster and VSCO.

Download Soloop APK for Android

What's Latest New Soloop

1. Added duration options for the AI cut feature. (10 s, 15 s, 20 s, 30 s)2. Added the records of recently used templates for the AI cut feature.3. Added the Word art module. You can now edit font size, color, and use word art fonts during manual edit.

Editing, creating videos, and sorting and categorizing media files in your device at the same time, Soloop will be a compact and useful application that you should have on your device for your integration needs but doesn’t need to be so in-depth.