App Name SoftScanner
Publisher Scanner Lab
Genre Apps
Size 27.6MB
Latest Version 2.0
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Update September 12, 2021

Thanks to the advanced development of scanning and analysis technologies, users now have more flexible ways to work with documents than ever before. Therefore, this article will introduce SoftScanner, a document scanner and format converter, and an example of modern technologies’ development. With this tool, users can easily work with more types of documents, store them directly in the device, and free up important space of their suitcase when going to work.

SoftScanner is built with many advanced scanning functions to process all paper documents into images or digital documents. That is its main function; so many attractive and flexible customizations allow users to enjoy discovering the best experience when scanning documents. For example, not only scanning, but the user can use the images closest to any text within them, and the application will automatically scan and export all the documents in order. From there, users can easily convert documents, even share all content with just a few simple steps.

After completing the scanning process, the user can access the text editor, thereby directly changing the contents of the documents before exporting. What’s impressive is that the application can automatically search for compatible fonts, and users can insert more details or special characters to make the text more vivid. In addition, its editor is comparable to many of today’s word processing applications, and users can convert their formats for easy wide-ranging compatibility. Users can also personalize the editor with various advanced options, thereby making it more flexible and agile in editing many different types of text.
There may be some errors during printing, but SoftScanner can easily scan all documents and produce the best text quality. What’s impressive is the ability to auto-correct visual elements, as it automatically aligns the size of the text and crops any information based on international or custom standards. It doesn’t stop there, but it can easily scan handwritten documents, saving users the time of manual copying and directly sharing or exporting high-quality information and documents. Moreover, the application will allow users to customize their signatures, thereby easily adding countless documents with many smart and creative customizations.

SoftScanner will introduce exciting functionality to expand users’ working possibilities while making every document in the world interactive and of high quality. Depending on the usage style of each person, they can easily use the format converter and digitally change everything they want. Through the digitizer, the user can change its format, style, and interaction in many ways. Besides, more functions will also expand their interoperability and even directly back up on multiple cloud or local servers.

SoftScanner is a superior and convenient application in scanning or working with different types of documents. Moreover, it can view and directly export documents with high quality and give users many discoveries when working with digital documents. In addition, users can personalize and improve the performance to make it more impressive and flexible based on each person’s working style.