Action Sniper Strike (MOD, Unlimited Ammo/VIP)

Sniper Strike (MOD, Unlimited Ammo/VIP)

  • Publisher: Mobile Gaming Studios Ltd.
  • Version: 500024
  • Category: Action
  • Size: 110MB
  • Update: June 19, 2020 at 2:50 am
  • Available at: Google Play


Sniper Strike – The game is very much anticipated in today’s gaming market. This game genre gives players many different emotions and requires high skills to survive in this game. Shooting games are gradually going further with interesting content and different game rules to attract more players. Some of the games you can include are CS: GO, OverWatch, PUBG, … If you are a fan of this type of game, you should try the Sniper Strike game.

Intercept, eliminate and extract

The game is designed in 3D style with bright graphics and very special to satisfy the beauty of the player. Also, this is a factor that deeply impresses players so they can have positive reviews about this game. In addition, due to the specificity of a shooting game, the game is installed in the first perspective, so you have a specific, honest and exciting experience with each different gun genre. In addition, when you are in the first perspective, the distance observed from you to the enemy will be closed and allow you to shoot the target accurately. When you experience the game, you will be able to feel the most authentic buildings, and sometimes you can see the city from above so make sure this game will give you a world where you can discover and enjoy.

But due to the great graphics, it is inevitable that this game will require a high configuration and capacity in the device so that the game can run usually. So if your device is not stable, you can go to Bluestack – the Android emulator software on computers that have been used by many people from continents. Besides, manufacturers always pay attention to improving their products to help players have full gameplay time and without interruption. Correctly, the game was updated most recently on December 28, 2018. The game takes place in a large city where you will transform into a sniper shooter and perform many missions to protect the people.

It’s time to engage the enemy!

The game will not be like Counter Strike as you will have to destroy the bandits with the guns bought in the shop that the task you have to do will be more diverse and truer. You will be quite like a government agent to destroy the hazards affecting this city’s peace. For example, there will be criminals who mix into the crowd, you will use your gun to destroy that name silently, or you will use advanced weapons to kill a zombie pandemic can spread throughout the city. Besides, you can also experience the feeling of action movies that you often see like shooting from helicopters or shooting from high-rise buildings. And if you want to perform well the task set in the game, you require upgrading and inventing weapons suitable for yourself to be able to destroy the most feared terrorists or to destroy Quick germs that cause zombie pandemics.

Sniper Strike – FPS 3D Shooting Game will definitely be the game that draws you into this vast and challenging world. With diverse and rich gameplay, the game has attracted a large number of players for themselves (more than 100 million installments) and is highly appreciated on the app store. Please install and become a “monster” with your favorite gun.

MOD: VIP (Battle Pass)

Sniper Strike [MOD VIP] [V500024] [APK FILE]