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Sniper 3D

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Name Sniper 3D
Package com.fungames.sniper3d
Publisher Fun Games For Free
Category Shooter
Version 3.46.3
Size 139M
Requires Android 4.4 Can play offline
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Introduce about Sniper 3DFun Game For Free's prominence in the mobile gaming business is attributable to Sniper Shooter Free's ...
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Introduce about Sniper 3D

Fun Game For Free’s prominence in the mobile gaming business is attributable to Sniper Shooter Free’s success. This developer’s aim to continue distributing high-quality goods to the community is still highly regarded. Sniper 3D, a similar game to Sniper Shooter Free, was launched shortly thereafter. This shooting game features stunning 3D visuals and promises to provide players with a variety of entertaining and engaging experiences.


The shooting game Sniper 3D is played from a first-person perspective. The player assumes the character of a sniper assassin whose primary objective is to eliminate the designated targets. The quest system is comprised of a list, but the player is free to accomplish them in any order he or she chooses, picking and choosing as desired. If you are a newbie, I would advise you to begin with low-reward jobs in order to adjust yourself to handling and develop more abilities.

The majority of high-reward missions will have numerous prerequisites, such as requiring the player to possess the proper weapon (required by the game). Difficulty-increasing obstacles necessitate greater actual combat experience. Normally, a single shot can kill a victim, but if that shot is to the head, you will earn more gold. In addition, this is a need for a number of specialized tasks.

Sometimes, identifying the wrong target will cause you to “accidentally” kill some innocents. This has no effect on the quantity of money you receive, but it will scare and terrify everyone around you. Your prey will detect the threat and vanish into the crowd. Perhaps you are also aware of how tough it is to shoot a moving target, causing you to play the game again. In some instances, the target will temporarily freeze out of terror. You must rapidly seize this opportunity to rectify your errors and complete your objectives.

Online and offline mode

Both offline and online modes are supported by Sniper 3D. The online mode allows for more enjoyable moments when vying for achievements and talents with friends from across the globe. With offline mode, users can engage in a variety of captivating and taxing challenges anywhere.


Sniper 3D offers a rather straightforward control scheme for a mobile shooter. To modify the crosshair, the player just swipes the screen and presses to fire. In reality, it is difficult to accomplish flawlessly despite its seeming simplicity. As a result of the crosshair’s interaction with the wind, it will always vibrate, making it impossible for the player to correct. The level of influence is less if the target is at close range. With a greater distance, however, the target becomes smaller, thus even a slight deflection can result in a miss. In addition, the target will not remain stationary, but will instead move rapidly, necessitating a greater degree of precision to kill him.


It is impossible not to address the game’s weapon system while discussing a first-person shooter. You have access to a vast arsenal in Sniper 3D. To unlock more gorgeous and superior weapons, you must boost your level by engaging in campaigns and accomplishing numerous tasks in order to earn experience points.

In addition, the game’s store allows you to upgrade, purchase, and sell a variety of weapons using gold money. In offline mode, the power of all sniper rifles will increase. Regarding the online mode, you should use a shotgun or a handgun, as these will produce greater results.

Graphics and sound

What excites me most about Sniper 3D’s graphics is that even the smallest details, such as poles, cars, skyscrapers, and light reflections, have been meticulously rendered. Another commendable aspect is that the backdrop of the assassination missions is incredibly varied and does not cause the player to feel bored.

The reactions of the characters in Sniper are also incredibly believable, including not only the main target but also the secondary characters, who exhibit fearful looks and actions when they feel danger. When a realistic simulation of gunfire evokes cries when a sniper assassin suddenly appears in a tranquil neighborhood, the sound is a significant benefit.

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MOD APK version of Sniper 3D

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Increase when you spend.

Note when using Sniper 3D MOD APK

You have a lot of money and diamonds when using the MOD version. However, you CANNOT use diamonds to upgrade and buy weapons.

Download Sniper 3D APK & MOD for Android

Overall, Sniper 3D is an interesting, attractive and completely free shooting game to download. However, compared to the current market, this game has no breakthrough to rise up to become a remarkable phenomenon in the gaming community. But in return, it is quite entertaining, suitable for you to relax after stressful working hours.

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