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Introduce about SnackVideoA large video party only for you!The need for sharing videos is now more than everNever before has one felt more "alone" than at this moment. Everyone...
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Introduce about SnackVideo

A large video party only for you!

The need for sharing videos is now more than ever

Never before has one felt more “alone” than at this moment. Everyone returns to their homes, and society reverts to its most fundamental necessities. Then all enjoyable, social games become a luxury. Some people have devised hobbies to help them unwind during this quarantine period, such as traveling indoors, cooking 6-7 meals per day, and creating movies of dress-up and make-up.

And to make this sequence of videos more beautiful and efficient, we’ll need the assistance of a specialist video editing program and a video social network. All you need is SnackVideo for this.

SnackVideo is a convenient application for creating videos

SnackVideo is a micro-TikTok-style application for producing and sharing short, snappy, creative, and gorgeous videos. Apart from creating entertaining videos, we can also explore a series of videos created by friends throughout the world, organized by topic and timeline.

To begin, SnackVideo is a platform for creating short videos like to Tiktok or Instagram. You only need to record using the camera on your phone. Then, using the app’s built-in eye-catching color filters and effects, edit the video. I find video editing in SnackVideo to be far more convenient and straightforward than on TikTok. Once you’re satisfied with the editing, share your film with the SnackVideo community. Collecting a large number of hearts and reading a large number of comments is a very enjoyable activity, even more so during this quarantine period.

SnackVideo is also a worldwide video social network

SnackVideo is likewise an Android video-centric social networking site. As a result, you’ll be able to surf and watch a large number of movies uploaded by individuals from all over the world. There are three primary subjects to pick from: nearby videos, follows, and trends. On the SnackVideo social network, these three key categories allow you to watch videos from a variety of affiliate groups. They feature rural life, pets, humor, daily life, cosplay, natural scenery, cooking, makeup, and travel, as well as current popular trends.

Along with making it easier for users to find movies that are appropriate for them, SnackVideo has a function that allows for the presentation of random videos based on the types of videos you frequently view or on your personal preferences during the use process. This is another feature that I find incredibly powerful, even more so than Tiktok. It brings me considerably closer, making me feel more private and personal.

While browsing videos from across the world, you can download and store them to your smartphone for later watching on a slower connection. Alternatively, you can drop your heart and leave a remark on any video that interests you. Additionally, you may select follow other accounts to watch their most recent video updates. This area is comparable to Instagram in that it is extremely simple and convenient to use.

There are so many video social networks, why should you still use SnackVideo?

If something is good and of high quality, regardless of whether it is new or not, it deserves attention. SnackVideo is an example of this. Anyone may rapidly access it due to its simplistic interface design and easy-to-use short video recording, creation, and editing functions. In my perspective, SnackVideo is a more mature video community than TikTok. Additionally, SnackVideo places a greater emphasis on the user’s personal preferences than other applications; this is the most compelling reason I chose SnackVideo.

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In short, SnackVideo is an app to create and share short videos, with the following features:

  • Create video sharing, with many filters and effects available.
  • Watch videos from other users by topic, interest, update every second, interact quickly via heart, comment and follow like TikTok.
  • You can download any video you like to your phone.

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