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Introduce about Sleep CycleSleep analysis and gentle alarm.Sleep Cycle brings you a quality sleepSleep Cycle is one of the few mobile apps that is highly recommended by s...
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Introduce about Sleep Cycle

Sleep analysis and gentle alarm.

Sleep Cycle brings you a quality sleep

Sleep Cycle is one of the few mobile apps that is highly recommended by several leading prestigious newspapers including CNN, Wired, and The Wall Street Journal. It stems from a very simple and essential need that few realize or admit that they have a problem: quality sleep.

When it comes to health, aspects such as nutrition, exercise regimen, daily living habits will be the first thing that comes to mind. So, when your health is having some problems, it is often attributed to these reasons. But sometimes it is the latter “stealth” because that is the culprit for all the health and psychological instability you have: sleep.

Not getting enough sleep makes you tired, stressed, and in the long run, can make your body weak. Staying up too late, sleeping disorderly will bring physical and psychological diseases. Even a small element of sleep that is waking up in what phase will affect the quality of your work and mind all day.

Young people under 30 are often the most overlooked sleeping. From 40-50, they have begun to realize more and more deeply the importance of sleeping. But it is too difficult to change unhealthy sleeping habits. After 50, sleep can be a luxury that no matter how hard you try, you can hardly sleep as comfortably as when you were young. So, no matter your age, sleep is extremely important.

Those are all the reasons that I recommend you download Sleep Cycle right on your device. Sleep Cycle is a smart alarm application on mobile, capable of analyzing sleep, suggesting the duration and time of sleep during the day to form the best habits. And finally, it has a small but extremely beneficial function, Sleep Cycle will help wake you up in your light sleep phase, helping you start a new day peacefully and full of energy.

What can Sleep Cycle do?

First, Sleep Cycle will track and summarize the current sleep cycle, based on the accelerometer motion tracking on the phone. From each person’s cycle, Sleep Cycle will calculate the sleep process according to international scientific standards. Finally giving you a scientific, standardized, and personalized suggestion made just for you.

Thereby you will know: what time you should sleep, when you should wake up, and what problems you are having in your sleep, and what you need to do to improve them. The graph displays information about your sleep cycle during the night, according to the time points corresponding to each phase: Deep sleep (deep sleep), Sleep (normal sleep), and Awake (temporary awakening). Below the graph are lines of information such as Sleep time, Sleep quality, Time in bed… All are included in this in-depth analysis.

Gentle and effective alarm function

The alarm function is a unique rare function that is currently only available on Sleep Cycle. Everyone’s sleep is different, so Sleep Cycle’s alarm function will ensure the most ideal time to wake up when your body has fully recharged and recovered after a long tiring day. And you’ll wake up in the most comfortable, healthy way to prepare for the long day ahead.

Specifically, it works according to the following analysis mechanism. Each night, each person will go through several complete sleep phases, each about 90 minutes. One is the phase of light sleep that is easily awakened. This is followed by non-REM sleep, where you sleep deeply but do not dream. Finally, during the phase of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, you will have dreams that can sometimes be remembered and sometimes not. In each phase, the body will have different movements and create acceleration.

Sleep Cycle has a built-in accelerometer and mobile microphone, so it can track each person’s sleeping movements and sounds and calculate the specific duration of each phase. Taken a few more times, Sleep Cycle will be able to understand even more deeply your sleep cycle and be ready to wake you up at your light sleep phase.

Once the sleep cycle has been determined, the application will make an assessment and conclude by the time you should wake up at the ideal, most comfortable time. If you’re good with that, then next, Sleep Cycle will wake you up with soft but mind-deepening sounds like Warm Breeze, Nightingale, Dreaming Near the Sea, Caribbean Cove

Tips when using Sleep Cycle

Because the mechanism works based on movements and sleeping sounds, you need to place the Sleep Cycle in the most suitable and quiet position. For example, at the bedside table or in the middle of the mattress where collisions are least likely.
Maybe you don’t know, Sleep as Android also helps you improve sleep.

MOD APK version of Sleep Cycle

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

What does the Premium version bring you?

  • Long-term sleep track
  • Compare your sleep with world standard statistics
  • Helps you fall asleep faster and deeper
  • Notes on sleep
  • Support wake-up mood
  • Backup data online
  • Export data to Excel

Download Sleep Cycle MOD APK for Android

Sleep Cycle is easy to use, simple to operate, highly effective. Relax, sleep better and wake up feeling rested with Sleep Cycle, the smart alarm clock. Relax with a good night’s sleep that will do wonders for your health.

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