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Introduce about Sleep CycleAnalyze your sleep and set a mild alarm.Sleep Cycle brings you a quality sleepSleep Cycle is one of the few smartphone apps that has received high pr...
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Introduce about Sleep Cycle

Analyze your sleep and set a mild alarm.

Sleep Cycle brings you a quality sleep

Sleep Cycle is one of the few smartphone apps that has received high praise from multiple prominent publications, including CNN, Wired, and The Wall Street Journal. It starts from a very basic and fundamental requirement that few recognize or confess to having a problem with: enough sleep.

When it comes to health, the first thing that springs to mind is nutrition, an exercise regimen, and daily living practices. Thus, when you experience health difficulties, they are frequently linked to these causes. However, sometimes it is the latter “stealth” that is to blame for all of your health and psychological instabilities: sleep.

Sleep loss makes you tired, stressed, and, in the long term, can cause chaos on your body. Staying up late and sleeping irregularly will result in bodily and psychological illnesses. Even a minor component of sleep, such as waking up in the correct phase, will have an effect on the quality of your job and thinking throughout the day.

Young individuals under the age of 30 are frequently disregarded when it comes to sleeping. Between the ages of 40 and 50, they began to appreciate the value of sleep more and more. However, changing poor sleeping habits is exceedingly tough. After the age of 50, sleep might become such a luxury that you can rarely sleep as peacefully as you did when you were younger. Thus, regardless of your age, sleep is critical.

That concludes my recommendation that you immediately download Sleep Cycle to your device. Sleep Cycle is a smart alarm clock application for smartphones that analyzes sleep and recommends the duration and time of sleep throughout the day to help establish the healthiest habits. Finally, it has a minor but incredibly beneficial function: Sleep Cycle will assist you in waking up within your light sleep phase, allowing you to begin each new day quietly and energized.

What can Sleep Cycle do?

To begin, Sleep Cycle will track and summarize your current sleep cycle using the phone’s accelerometer motion tracking. Sleep Cycle will compute the sleep process for each individual based on their cycle in accordance with international scientific standards. Finally, we’ll provide you with a scientifically sound, standardized, and uniquely tailored recommendation.

Thus, you will learn when to sleep and when to wake up, as well as what sleep problems you are experiencing and what you can do to improve them. The graph depicts your sleep cycle during the night, with time markers for each phase: Deep sleep (deep sleep), Sleep (regular sleep), and Awake (temporary awakening). Below the graph are informational lines such as Sleep duration, Sleep quality, and Time in bed… All of these are covered in detail in this in-depth analysis.

Gentle and effective alarm function

The alarm function is a one-of-a-kind, extremely rare feature that is now available only on Sleep Cycle. Because everyone’s sleep pattern is unique, Sleep Cycle’s alarm feature will ensure that you awake at the optimal time for your body to recharge and heal after a long, tiring day. Additionally, you’ll awaken in the most comfortable, healthy manner possible in preparation for the long day ahead.

More precisely, it operates via the following analysis mechanism. Each night, each individual will experience several complete sleep periods, each lasting approximately 90 minutes. One is a phase of light sleeping from which one can readily arise. Following this is non-REM sleep, during which you sleep deeply but do not dream. Finally, during the rapid eye movement (REM) phase of sleep, you will have dreams that may or may not be remembered. The body will move differently and generate acceleration during each phase.

Sleep Cycle has an accelerometer and a mobile microphone, which enables it to follow each user’s sleeping motions and sounds and determine the duration of each phase. After a few more repetitions, Sleep Cycle will have a better understanding of your sleep cycle and will be prepared to wake you up during your light sleep phase.

After determining the sleep cycle, the program will conduct an assessment and conclude when you should get up at the optimal, most comfortable moment. If you’re comfortable with that, Sleep Cycle will then gently awaken you with sounds such as Warm Breeze, Nightingale, Dreaming Near the Sea, and Caribbean Cove.

Tips when using Sleep Cycle

Due to the mechanism’s reliance on movement and sleeping sounds, you must put the Sleep Cycle in the most appropriate and quiet location. For instance, at the bedside table or in the center of the mattress, which are the least likely locations for collisions.

Perhaps you are unaware, Sleep as Android and Calm Sleep also aids with sleep improvement.

MOD APK version of Sleep Cycle

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

What does the Premium version bring you?

  • Long-term sleep track
  • Compare your sleep with world standard statistics
  • Helps you fall asleep faster and deeper
  • Notes on sleep
  • Support wake-up mood
  • Backup data online
  • Export data to Excel

Download Sleep Cycle MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New Sleep Cycle: Sleep Tracker

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Sleep Cycle is easy to use, simple to operate, highly effective. Relax, sleep better and wake up feeling rested with Sleep Cycle, the smart alarm clock. Relax with a good night’s sleep that will do wonders for your health.

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