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Sleep as Android

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Introduce about Sleep as AndroidWhat is Sleep as Android?Urbandroid recently published Sleep as Android, a health-related software. This sophisticated tool assists users in track...
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Introduce about Sleep as Android

What is Sleep as Android?

Urbandroid recently published Sleep as Android, a health-related software. This sophisticated tool assists users in tracking and optimizing their sleep, hence promoting overall health and well-being.

As you are probably aware, a person need between seven and eight hours of sleep to maintain mental and physical health. However, work stress makes falling asleep harder at night, resulting in mediocre quality sleep, sleep deprivation, and frequent night awakenings. When you awaken in the morning, you experience drowsiness, a lack of awareness, and concentration, which results in decreased job quality. Not to mention the progressive deterioration of your health. As a result, Sleep as Android is here to assist you in maintaining a healthy sleep routine.

How does Sleep as Android work?

The software analyzes your sleep using the smartphone’s excellent sensor. The rate of your movement and breathing is related to the quality of your sleep. No assistive equipment or smart watches are required; users simply need to place the phone close to their body and begin sleeping.

Alarm clock timing is also critical for sleep quality. Sleep as Android functions similarly to a mobile device’s alarm clock application. If you are in a deep sleep, the app will not immediately awaken you but will wait for the appropriate time. Naturally, you won’t have to worry about waking up late, as the app will wake you up prior to the time set for your alarm.

In terms of functionality, you use Sleep as Android’s default alarm app. You set the alarm time, and the app ensures that you are up and alert at the appropriate moment. Sleep metrics such as sleep duration, sleep depth, abnormalities, and snoring may be tracked in Tag Sleep Core.

Don’t forget to turn off WIFI when using Sleep as Android!

Due to the fact that you must keep your phone close to your body when using Sleep as Android, you need disable WIFI to optimize your sleep. Additionally, science recommends that individuals avoid placing their phones close to their bodies, as the waves released by cell phones influence your nerves, impairing your sleep. Additionally, if we have a WIFI connection, we frequently develop the habit of reading the news and checking social media before bed, which makes sleeping more difficult. Therefore, please disconnect from all wireless networks, radios, and music.

Some outstanding features

Sleep chart

Sleep as Android acts as a personal physician, ensuring that your sleep is constantly protected when you are fast asleep. The application monitors your sleep quality using sensors, vibration, and heart rate, and provides information that assist you in comprehending your sleep condition and determining how to improve it.

Record snoring

As if Android continuously captures over 600 snores in order to detect your snoring. If the application detects a snore, it will record it so that you may hear it again the next morning. You are aware that your snoring may cause discomfort to individuals in your immediate vicinity. If your snoring becomes too loud, the program will vibrate, assisting you in ceasing to snore without frightening you awake.

Alarm sound

Set your preferred music as an alarm tone. Sleep as the built-in music store on Android also includes a large selection of classical music.

Music helps you fall asleep

If you have trouble sleeping, listen to lovely sounds from nature, such as the sound of the wind, the sound of the waves, or the sound of birds singing, to help you relax and calm your thoughts, allowing you to fall asleep fast.

Smart alarm

Apart from intelligently picking an alarm time, Sleep as Android includes a feature that prevents you from falling asleep after the alarm is turned off. Instead of swiping or tapping, the software requests that you disable the alarm using captcha codes, QR codes, math, or completing riddles. This function ensures that you are awake and prepared for the day ahead.

Connect with some smart devices

You can link Sleep as Android to select smart Android devices, such as Android wear or Pebble, to improve the accuracy of the data collected by this software.

You can also try other apps like BetterSleep and Sleep Cycle.

MOD APK version of Sleep as Android

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked: All the Premium features are unlocked.

Should you use Sleep as Android Premium?

Sleep as Android gives you a few more advanced features when you pay for a Premium plan. You can track more information about your sleep, and the app has no ads displayed on the screen. The application allows you to try it for 14 days before deciding to renew. If you want to download and use Sleep as Android Premium for free, please choose the MOD APK version of HOSTZFEVER.

Download Sleep as Android MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New Sleep as Android

We are constantly improving this app with several updates monthly. Bringing timely fixes and new features you ask for. Detailed release notes at:

Besides the excellent features to help you control your sleep, Sleep as Android offers many useful tips for you to improve sleep quality. This application is developed with the aim of helping users to have a healthy and scientific life, helping them feel comfortable to start a new day with many new things.

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