Adventure Sky: Children of the Light (All Map Unlocked)

Sky: Children of the Light (All Map Unlocked)

  • Publisher: Thatgamecompany
  • Version: 0.9.7 (150719)
  • Category: Adventure
  • Size: 725M
  • Update: June 20, 2020 at 1:54 am
  • Available at: Google Play


Thatgamecompany was a US game development company in 2006 by two founders Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago. They released 3 games on the PlayStation Store including Flow (2007), Flower (2009) and Journey (2012). Their games focus on exploiting the feelings of players. From the moment they started designing content for the game, they outlined the feelings they wanted players to feel instead of setting up fixed play mechanisms. It is these things that make their games highly appreciated by gamers. In 2019, they are developing the fourth game: Sky: Children of the Light. The game is still aimed at exploiting the player’s emotions, but it is released on the mobile platform, instead of PlayStation as the previous 3 games.

Deep plot

Sky: Children of the Light tells the story of the Aurora princess’s journey through the colorful Lemuria world. In Lemuria, light is gradually becoming weak against the Queen of the darkness of Umbra and her dark army. Darkness is gradually replacing the light, and soon, Lemuria will become a kingdom covered by darkness. In the face of Queen Umbra’s cruelty, Princess Aurora decided to fight her and help Lemuria return to its inherent beauty. She will have to revive the souls of light and find the Sun, Moon, and Stars that were hidden by Umbra. However, her soul can be engulfed by darkness and forever unable to return to reality, with her father’s King.

Something about gameplay

Sky: Children of the Light is a role-playing turn-based fighting game (J-RPG). You will control Aurora and explore everywhere. During your journey, you will meet characters who come out of fairy tales like the soul of the forest, the talking bird and the many scary monsters. However, your journey is not alone because the “Igniculus” Firefly will accompany you throughout Sky: Children of the Light. Besides fighting monsters, you also have to solve other puzzles created by the system automatically. Meanwhile, the help of the firefly “Igniculus” will become extremely valuable.


Thatgamecompany’s graphic design has never made us disappointed. Sky: Children of the Light gives players a fanciful feeling like stepping into a fairy tale. The design team of this game has hand-painted the entire scene and characters to the smallest detail and then processed by the machine. Therefore, players can feel the soul of each grass and the true movement of the character. With Thatgamecompany’s passion for this game, it deserves an excellent game.

Sum up

Everyone knows that the West has the strength in producing A-RPG games, and J-RPG seems to have become a Japanese tradition long ago. But Thatgamecompany has proved that the West can also create excellent J-RPG games with the game Sky: Children of the Light. Overall, the gameplay of the game is quite simple but meets all the features of a role-playing game. Besides, the game also possesses beautiful graphics and a very deep plot. Download this game and start exploring right away!

Sky: Children of the Light [APK FILE]