App Name Simple Radio
Publisher Inc., Streema
Genre Apps
Size 20.0MB
Latest Version 4.0.3
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Update September 7, 2021

Simple Radio is where you can enjoy FM radio, AM radio & online radio stations most easily and still free and fast.

Our daily life would be boring without music. And of course, it’s better that we listen to random songs from the radio stations around us. The difference between random listening and streaming is that it will bring a new experience to the user. We even accidentally find songs that suit our interests. And today, I’m going to show you an application that allows you to access all radios around the world and listen to everything from there. It’s Simple Radio, a free application that lets you listen to music every day.

Free Live AM FM Radio & Music App
Not only listen to music, but you can also listen to the press and other news via the radio. You can choose to randomize at a Station or search for your beloved Station. There is a faster way than you can try out the stations suggested by this application, the stations here are the most visited stations every day around the world. They will constantly update the latest news in all areas for you. Just select or search your stations and start the day with songs or important news.
This is the place that gives you quick access to the stations marked by you. If you like a station, tick it, and it will automatically show up in your Favorites list.

Station Autoplay
Each station will constantly play everything that they own, especially music or news. The special thing is they will only randomly play when you choose. That is, you can access directly to the Station to choose other songs or news of the day. While you’re at a station and browsing through all the content, you can make some settings just for each user. It is removing or arranging the spontaneous order of each content if you do not like the content, you can remove it by dragging right. And if you love something and want it to go live right away, you can use the bookmark feature.

One Tap Access to Favorites
If you only arrange the content in its playlist, it is quite a time consuming for impatient users. Therefore, this application will allow users to freely change the song or the news that the station is broadcasting. You can go forward, repeat, or stop completely and never replay it. This ability can also be done right in the notification bar, for those who do not want to access the application but still want to change the content. This application will now allow users to access up to 45,000 different radio stations. So they can freely search for their favorite stations or stations with content that suits their interests.
Listen Anywhere
This application will also have an interface designed in a simple and user-friendly way. Taking white and blue as the main theme, users will quickly adapt to the colors of this interface and quickly get used to the functions in a short time. If you make transactions and use prem accounts, this application will also come with some special features for Prem users. All of this will even help everyone’s life.