App Name Simple Contacts Pro
Publisher Simple Mobile Tools
Genre Apps
Size 4.06MB
Latest Version 6.15.1
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Update September 8, 2021

In life, people have many different relationships, such as friendship, co-workers, etc. With the advancement of technology, everyone can communicate quickly with others without any difficulty. Each phone supports users with a function of storing contacts of those they are close to. But sometimes, because of the default function, so you won’t see too much difference. If you are looking for a more exciting contact manager app, Simple Contacts Pro can respond to it. Hello, my friends

Great management application

Simple Contacts Pro is an app that helps you to manage your contacts in a significant way. With different functions, you can search, filter, and store information about the people you know. These are complete functions that other directory applications can do. But these are better done on this app.

For information storage, you can store many different types of information and the name, phone number, and email. This allows you to search for relevant information about your acquaintances quickly. You can add useful information into this app like birthdays, events, etc.

At the same time, managing and refreshing contacts is also done quickly. You can regularly check contacts and add new information. Updated information continuously will make communication more convenient. In particular, don’t hesitate to add dates that are important to you or a loved one.

Besides, during use, the number of your contacts will probably increase, and sometimes you may not be able to find one of them immediately. Therefore, this application supports you to search and filter contacts in many different criteria. From there, you will not only search for contacts just by typing a name but also search according to your needs.
The particular function of the application lies in the division of different types of contacts. Specifically, you can find your favorite contacts or as a group. With this, you can quickly contact your close friends. Besides, the application also facilitates you to get in touch with a group of other friends. From there, sending messages or emails will become faster. The storage of many contacts in this application is completely guaranteed. With one condition, you do not share your communications with other applications. In general, your number of contacts is kept safe. From there, you should only share your contacts with objects and applications that you trust.

Graphic design easy to observe
Simple Contacts Pro is designed to help you quickly see contacts. Thanks to that, you can view all the necessary, stored information of a person. With this design, it helps you have a positive view of the application and the desire to use the application. The innovation and differentiation that the application brings will be the key to attracting more users.
At the same time, the application has a specific division of different functions. You can find your favorite contacts or search for a filter to search for a person’s contacts. It’s a user-friendly application. They will not be overwhelmed by these functions and do not take too much time to apply. The app’s graphics are always on default, and if you don’t like it, you can change it. These changes you can find in the Customize Color. Things related to the theme, text, and background you can edit make the application more eye-catching. This increases the user experience and makes them love the app even more.

One thing to keep in mind when using this app is that you won’t see any ads on the app screen. This means that the complete app does not contain any ad types. You will not be uncomfortable seeing the ad appear crowded. This is the factor that helps to ensure user experience. They can swipe anywhere on the screen without worrying about hitting an ad.
Through these useful functions, Simple Contacts Pro is a beneficial application to help you manage your contacts. In addition to the information available, you can add other information that you consider essential. The application also helps you filter and search for one of the many contacts stored in your device. You can also customize the app to suit your preferences and not be bothered by ads. If you’re someone who wants a difference to your contacts manager, use Simple Contacts Pro. You, indeed, will have great experiences.