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Name Shazam
Publisher Apple, Inc.
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Version 12.15.0-220310
Size 24M
Requires Android Network required
MOD Features Paid Features Unlocked
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Introduce about ShazamShazam - the best music identity app in the worldShazam Encore is the greatest song identification and search application available for mobile devices. It i...
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Introduce about Shazam

Shazam – the best music identity app in the world

Shazam Encore is the greatest song identification and search application available for mobile devices. It is compatible with a variety of systems, including Android, iOS, macOS, Wear OS, and watchOS. Initially developed by Shazam Entertainment, the application was later acquired by Apple for $ 400 million.

There is currently a variety of software and applications available to assist you in creating the song’s title, however Shazam outperforms the competition due to its breadth of powerful features. This program, in particular, is authorized to access the Apple Music data store, which has more than 50 million songs. Almost, Shazam can assist you in locating any song on the planet.

How to use Shazam?

If Billy Batson wishes to transform into Shazam, he simply needs to pronounce the god’s name and he instantly becomes a strong divine. While the Shazam app cannot transform you into someone, it does possess a powerful magic that enables you to quickly determine the title of any song, just like Billy did when he transformed into Shazam.

On the home screen, you press the app icon and allow the phone to go close to the source of the music; the phone will listen and return results that include the song title, artist name, and album name. Naturally, you must grant Shazam permission to record in order for it to hear the music you’re searching for, and your phone must be connected to the internet.

Occasionally, you’ll hear a song you really enjoy at a party or restaurant, but you’ll feel weird inquiring about the song’s title. Do not be concerned; simply pick up your phone, open Shazam, and allow it to listen. A straightforward interface assists you in swiftly locating music and does not require excessive time. Each song is approximately three minutes long. Nothing is more depressing than allowing the music to fade away before you can memorize the tune.

Some outstanding features of Shazam

Pop-up Shazam

Many people choose to occupy themselves in the expanding era of social media by watching videos on platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram. Certainly, at times, you will be taken aback by a music featured in a certain video. Shazam will instantly obtain information about the song you just heard by utilizing the pop-up feature and keeping this app running in the background. Without a doubt, your playlist will include songs that you enjoy.

Dark Mode

With a single touch, easily switch apps to Dark Mode. This setting helps you avoid eye strain when using the device and conserves battery life.

Get suggestions for the hottest songs

If you navigate to the Discover category, you will receive recommendations for music you may enjoy based on the history of the songs you search for.

Offline mode

Shazam operates in regions where there is no internet access. You will, however, be limited to a few characteristics and the results will be less accurate than they are when you are online.

Share your music with friends

Share your favorite songs easily via social media platforms like as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter… You and your pals can listen to the hottest songs together and share your enthusiasm for music with others. If you truly enjoy a music, please share it with your friends.

Synchronize lyrics

Not only does Shazam display information about song titles, albums, artists, and composers, but it also syncs lyrics and displays them on the main screen.

Play music on Spotify, Youtube, iTunes

Once you’ve located your favorite song, you may stream it using popular mobile music applications such as iTunes or Spotify. If you’d like to see the song’s official music video, please play the track on YouTube. There is no need to waste time searching for and writing characters; Shazam instantly connects you to a world of music.

MOD APK version of Shazam

MOD feature

  • Unlocked Paid Features
  • Remove Countries Restrictions

Is Shazam MOD APK safe for your android phone?

Of course. We tried this app out and assure you, it doesn’t harm your Android phone during use. Make sure you download it on HOSTZFEVER to get the best apps for Android.

Download Shazam APK & MOD for Android

What's Latest New Shazam

Thanks for Shazaming! We’re always working hard to make the app faster and better than ever. Update to the most recent version to enjoy the latest and greatest Shazam.Don’t forget to keep your Shazams safe and in sync between your devices. Simply create an account and we’ll back up your Shazams so you’ll never lose them.Love the app? Rate us! Your feedback is music to our ears, and it helps us make Shazam even better.

For those who are passionate about music, Shazam is an indispensable application on your phone. Besides the song search feature, it also helps you remember the songs you have searched for, just like Google’s search history. Shazam’s tools are all aimed at helping music listeners find their favorite music style. We all know very well that it would be a shame if we don’t hear our favorite tunes.

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